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Oops - it happens

Sunday, January 13, 2019

As I was wrapping up this second week of January, it looked like I was really running on all cylinders and crushing this week's goals/intentions. I even was filling in all the "bubbles" I drew in my planner. Last night, I had set my alarm early enough so I fit in a meditation and a few simple stretches before getting ready for pre-church choir warm-up. There was a note taped to the back door of what to take although I had set most things out the night before... as I said, running on all cylinders. Let the dogs out into the frigid morning as I bundled up before letting them back in, dog treats distributed, heads patted and off I went. Gathered the morning paper out of the box while hoping my vehicle would warm up soon (thank goodness for heated seats!) Down the road I went somewhat cautiously gauging exactly how slippery that ice was and congratulating myself on such organization when... my stomach growled.

Oh no!! I had totally forgotten to have a bit of breakfast. I hadn't planned anything to "grab and go" and no snacks in my post-retirement car. Fast forward an hour or two and I was again congratulating myself for being on time, for listening attentively to the whole sermon, harmonizing during the hymns and anthem as well as staying after service to help with our new inter-generational choir.

Good news/bad news continued: Since I was expected at my mother's, I drove there directly and I arrived on time hoping there would be something quasi-healthy I could scrape together to quiet my hunger. Other than a handful of delicious pecans, her cupboards were pretty bare too other than leftover coffee cake which I resisted. Both my sister and I were heading to the grocery store as soon as we finished our planned chore. Which brings me to...

... the rest of the story. Now we all know NOT to go to the grocery store hungry, don't we?? After scouring the parking lot for a parking spot, snagging a cart from the cart corral as I hiked from the far end of the lot to the entrance, I checked my purse and YES, I did have my list! At that point I got swept into the experience of Sunday shopping in a store that is the same "brand" but different layout than "my" store. As I went up and down every aisle, due to the unfamiliar layout, searching for the items on my list due to unfamiliar layout at least I was getting lots of extra steps! I should have just broken down and grabbed something to eat - nah... other than the bakery dept nothing was really calling out to me so nothing it was.

Fortunately, the contents of my cart were verrrrrrrrrry close to what was on my list except for the (small) bag of shelled pistachios (what was up with all the nuts today?) I grabbed, while in the check out line, to eat on the way home. Unfortunately, I ate the whole bag (it was 13 miles after all.) Not a total disaster but, once again, I need to remember those lessons I've already learned several times over and just do better next Sunday!

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