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Beck Chapter 4, 1 14 2019, Give Yourself Credit

Monday, January 14, 2019

I enjoy rereading Beck and The Beck Diet Solution most of all. So, since I have not noticed another Beck Trek on the horizon with the team, I am just going to read it anyway. Though I may not blog faithfully as I have done on past treks. I will try to focus on the chapters I still have not really gotten down pat.

In all the times I have read this book on my own or with the team I have never acquired the skill of giving myself credit. I am the one Beck describes as usually being hard on myself. That goes beyond weight management too.

And it is dumb. See? I am hard on myself by writing that too.

I went to a wedding a couple of days ago. Who gets married in Massachusetts in January? Everyone either had hat head or frost bite.

The bride and her 6 attendants were absolutely stunning. She met the groom at a gym where he was a trainer. She coaches troubled kids in basketball for fun on her free time. She can bench press a huge amount of weight. 6’4” and willowy. She is also smart and a very nice person. The groom reminds me of Dudley Do Right. Very handsome and goofy in a nice way.

I had no trouble staying within my calories at the feast. These young people clearly did not count the meal as the most important part of the event. Good for them. It appeared they enjoyed themselves.

And so, did I, and one of the reasons is my own DH pronounced me “elegant”.

Ahead of the event I had obsessed about what to wear and how I weigh too much and yada yada.
I was putting together my outfit a few days before the wedding and feeling frumpy when the DH surprised me with the “elegant” pronouncement. Out of the blue.

When it comes to my weight, physical condition and appearance I focus too much on what is wrong and not what is good. So, I was surprised and delighted by the elegant word from a man who does not notice a lot and loves me no matter what.

I suddenly became very conscious that I now weigh less than I did at our own wedding. And by golly, good for me. Yes, I want to lose more weight. Yes, I have not maintained my goal weight. No, my goal weight is not too aspirational and yes, I am right to aim for it. Meantime I have been below my scream weight for a very long time and that is fabulous because my scream weight was once beyond my hopes. I don’t give myself credit for that.

So today instead of bullying myself I am going to enjoy my success and build on it. What is more I intend to learn the skill of giving myself credit.
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