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getting closer to the end, day 26!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

I've been doing pretty well with my reset, the strangest cravings I've noticed are for breath mints, which I was in the habit of sucking on in the car on the way to my workout or home. I think it's really more habit than craving, truth be told, but I did notice that a few random days over the month.

I haven't really noticed any significant changes, but I do feel a bit less bloated (this happened pretty quickly after the start of the reset.) I think most of what I'm eating is pretty similar to what I was eating before though, so maybe that's why it's not so dramatic. I am amazed that I'm not missing the chocolate and wine more, perhaps I can really limit these things to occasional treats instead of weekly/nightly occurrences! That would even make them feel more special too.

So when the 30 days are over, I need to "test" the things I've eliminated, and I do need to think about how I want to do that. I think for the sugar and alcohol I'll just wait, since I'd like to think of those things as a weekly (or less) treat. That leaves dairy and gluten to mix back in. Should be easy enough, right? I'm just not sure which should go first, probably the dairy, I think it would be easy enough, add cream to my coffee, a little cheese here and there. (I do miss cheese!) The gluten won't be that hard either, I have some lunches frozen that had barley in them, so I've been avoiding those, I can just have one of them, and go back to the wheat pasta for dinner.

Other things I've been working on this month are my push-up challenge. I've done push-ups every day since the 1st. emoticon and this morning I did 14! Hopefully I can work on getting in more over the months. I used to be able to do more than I currently am able, and it's such a simple move, and easy to do anywhere that I feel like this is an easy thing to work on.

I've been thinking about having a different focus for each month this year, January with the reset would be diet focused. I'd like to pick a different area for each month and focus on that, so one month would be balance, one month speed, etc. I just need to decide what I do want to improve and take it from there!
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