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Happy Tuesday ... Snow day today .. I'm looking forward to just putzing around the house!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks .

Well -- woke up to a white February 12 ... hmmm white Valentines ... ?? Not Christmas anymore .. but that's okay -- you know what .. I DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE TODAY !!!!!

I had a great day yesterday .. a busy day .. but a great day !!!!

Started out going to the mall, and getting my hair done .. Really needed it .. didn't it ??? lol lol . I am sooo happy with it !!! and she used a new toy to straighten it out, and make it lay soft as well .. I almost hate to wash it .. lol lol .. but I even got alot of compliments .. even those that didn't know I was having it done ... :) but I'M DEGREYED !!!!! WOOHOO !!!!

From there, I went to the office to do the final "make pretty" touches on the 2018 project .. I'm done with that, and I gave the okay for Kim to send out the December financials .. and I gave a copy to Jimmy when I finished, with the final number .. I reduced the inventory number by about $100G .. so I'm happy with that ..

I brought home all of my stuff, and will start working on the 2019 inventory adjustments (stock purchases made since the beginning of the year .. ) I brought that home, and can start working on it dialing in .. at least give it a try .. I have a small screen, and the writing is even smaller .. so we'll see how much I can get done .. lol .. but now at least the time pressure is off ..

I left the office and picked up hubby .. to find out that his car is in the hospital ... his service engine light came on, and he took it to the Jeep hospital (dealership) and after the diagnostics .. it showed "manifold" .. I don't know if that has anything to do with it having problems starting the last few days, but it's in the hospital .. the good news, is Elsie can park in the garage next to her big sister, Beauty .. :) She's sad because her big brother is in the hospital, but she's happy that she got to spend the night (snowy night) in the garage with her big sis .. lol ..

We went to get a burger and then headed over to mom .. I found a partial container of glucose tablets, and she was in such a bad way and bounced back so good after I gave her one on Sunday .. I wanted to make sure she had some on hand .. (in case the OJ or Orange didn't work) .. and I told her I would talk to her on Sunday (cuz hubby was in the car) about what I thought and this should help until we see the doctor on 3/6 .. I believe she's not eating enough .. and what she is eating is not calorie efficient. I understand that she's concerned because she isn't active .. and doesn't want to gain weight but I honestly don't think she's eating enough healthy calorie foods but we'll talk about that on Sunday... (and now "I" have peace of mind) .. I told her that she could take one and suck on it if she felt woozie, and nothing else was working; but before she got to the point she was on Sunday .. but they are NOT candy ... lol lol

She looked good when I saw her .. she was making a couple loafs of cranberry nut bread ... She looked really good .. :) and perky .. :) so that made me happy, and when I got back in the car; I felt good .. Now I had peace of mind that she had some tablets just in case, and I found that I had "orange" flavor .. lol ..

We headed for home .. and I was happy to finally be home .. it was about 5 ... and I was pooped.. I enjoy those busy days, especially happy busy days, but they take alot out of me ..lol lol ..

We got home, and put away my "stuff from the office", and told hubby I just wanted to sit for a bit ... so I sat down, did some posting, and after about an hour I was ready to take hubby on with Wii Golf .. I actually gave him a run for his money ... for real this time .. the score ended up +2 to +3 .. or is it that he gave ME a run for MY money ... lol lol .. but we had a fun time .. :) I'm enjoying these little challenges .. lol lol ...

I DID notice that the troublesome threesome were missing again .. OH OH ...

I found them when I went upstairs to bed .. after I watched AGT ... one show that I look forward to each week .... and low and behold .. guess who I saw raiding the jelly bean stash .. lol lol .

Thankfully they must not have gotten it open; because they slept through the night .. we all remember the last time they got into the candy and sugar .. lol ..

but they were heading downstairs this morning, as I came down .. :)

I'm happy to say that I slept good and feel good this morning .. Probably ... um definately not going out today ... so looking forward to just having a putzy day around here ... :) Snow storm has hit and I can actually take advantage of just hunkering down and not going anywhere !!! YAY !!! MEEE !!!!!!

Here's your giggle for the day .. made me laugh when I saw this picture .. hope it does the same for you !!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday !!!!

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  • LIZZIE138
    I love that dog pic! Makes me wish I had gotten another dog by now. My last fur baby, Maggie, was the best dog I ever had and I’ve had dogs my entire life. I don’t think anyone can top her. I keep saying I’m gonna get another but I always find an excuse. Right now with my ongoing back problem I can’t physically care for another fur baby right now. Maybe in the future...
    67 days ago
    Yeah on the 2018 project being done and your hair doing what you want! HURRAY!

    Sorry to hear that DH’s car in in the hospital! Hope it can be fixed!

    Glad you found the glucose tabs. Yes, when they get to be your Mom’s age, they really cut down on the eating.

    OH NO! Glad they couldn’t get the container open! PHEW. Little minx’s!

    67 days ago
    67 days ago
    Glad they found a problem with hubby's car!
    67 days ago
    that picture is my dog also the bigger the better
    If I carry wood from the front yard he will grab those and run
    I live in Arcanum Ohio Small town but we liveout in the no pizza delivery
    closet big store 20 mins
    we have cows next store and pigs across street the pi farmer gave us Christmas cheese and sausage for putting up with the smell
    enjoy your day
    67 days ago
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