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02/12/19 Focus

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

"Don't think about what can happen in a month. Don't think about what can happen in a year. Focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be."

"And what would you say is the source of your stress?"

A Bible study group was discussing the unforeseen possibility of their sudden death. The leader of the discussion said, ” We will all die some day, and none of us really know when, but if we did we would all do a better job of preparing ourselves for that inevitable event.”

“Everybody shook their heads in agreement with this comment.”

Then the leader said to the group, “What would you do if you knew you only had 4 weeks of life remaining before your death, and then the Great Judgment Day?”

A gentleman said, ” I would go out into my community and minister the Gospel to those that have not yet accepted the Lord into their lives.”

“Very good!” ,said the group leader, and all the group members agreed, that would be a very good thing to do.

One lady spoke up and said enthusiastically, “I would dedicate all of my remaining time to serving God, my family, my church, and my fellow man with a greater conviction.”

“That”s wonderful!” the group leader commented, and all the group members agreed, that would be a very good thing to do.

But one gentleman in the back finally spoke up loudly and said, “I would go to my mother-in-laws house for the 4 weeks.”

Everyone was puzzled by this answer, and the group leader ask, “Why your mother-in-law’s home?”

“Because that will make it the longest 4 weeks of my life!


It's Extraterrestrial Culture Day! Extraterrestrial Culture Day exists "to celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors in ways to enhance relationships among all citizens of the cosmos, known and unknown." It was established with the passing of House Memorial 44 by New Mexico's legislature on March 21, 2003. (Memorials do not have the force of law, and do not need to be passed by both houses or be signed by the governor.) Although the day is specific to New Mexico, it has been celebrated by those beyond its borders.
State Representative Daniel Foley of Roswell introduced the day with House Bill 766. According to the memorial, the day was created because "extraterrestrials have contributed to the worldwide recognition of New Mexico through their many and ongoing visitations, sightings, unexplained mysteries, attributed technological advances, experimentations, expeditions, explorations, intrigues, provision of story lines for Hollywood epics and other accomplishments of alien beings throughout the universe."
How have extraterrestrials contributed to the worldwide recognition of New Mexico? It all goes back to 1947, to a spot about 75 miles from Roswell, where rancher Mac Brazel found debris in his sheep pasture. After finding metallic sticks held together with tape, a glossy and heavy paper-like material, and pieces of plastic and foil reflectors, he called the local sheriff. The sheriff called Roswell Army Air Force Base, and they came and took the debris away in armored trucks.
On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Daily Record ran a front-page story titled "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region." The following day, the Roswell Army Air Force put out a statement saying that it was not a flying saucer that had been found, but rather, it was remnants of a weather balloon. But by looking at the debris, it was pretty clear that it wasn't a weather balloon, and many people didn't buy the story, with some even believing that it indeed was a flying saucer.
In the decade that followed, many "dummy drops" to research ways people could survive high drops were done in New Mexico. Dummies with skin made of latex and bones of aluminum were dropped from the sky and military vehicles retrieved them. People found this quite odd, as it looked like aliens were falling from the sky, and some thought that was the case and that the vehicles that picked them up were taking them to get experimented on by the government. This did nothing but increase speculation that there had been a conspiracy and cover-up in Roswell in 1947.
In 1994, the Pentagon declassified most information about the dummy drops. They also declassified information about what they claimed had really been found in Roswell, which they said had to do with something called Project Mogul—a top-secret atomic espionage project. The General Accounting Office also released a report titled “Report of Air Force Research Regarding the 'Roswell Incident.'"
According to the government, Project Mogul was started during World War II and stationed at the Alamogordo Air Field, being made up of geophysicists and oceanographers from New York University, Columbia University, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The project placed balloons with low-frequency sound sensors in the tropopause, the area between the troposphere and stratosphere, where sound can travel thousands of miles. The hope was that they would be able to pick up information about nuclear tests taking place in the Soviet Union.
The report said that the debris was made up of 700 feet of neoprene balloons, radar reflectors, and sonic equipment. Some new materials were invented for use in Project Mogul, so it made sense that some of the materials weren't recognizable and looked otherworldly. According to the report, the Roswell Army Air Field didn't have any knowledge of the project. They weren't exactly sure what had been found, with some thinking the debris may have been from a Russian spy plane or satellite, but they just said it was a weather balloon because that made the most sense. Those at Project Mogul couldn't step up and say what it actually was, as that would compromise the project. In the present day, many don't believe the government's story, and some make trips to Roswell to be near the spot where they believe extraterrestrials crashed to earth. On Extraterrestrial Culture Day, we honor these and other extraterrestrial visitors.

We have 2 birthdays today! Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US President, and Charles Darwin, the English scientist who explained evolution, were both born this day in 1809. Abraham Lincoln would lead the country during the Civil War and issue the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, and would be shot in 1965. Charles Darwin, naturalist noted for his contributions to the science of evolution, would publish his "On the Origin of Species" in 1859. It's Hug Day (the 6th day of Love/Valentine Week; the word hug could come from the Old Norse 'hugga', to comfort; be sure to give hugs to your loved ones and special friends), Plum Pudding Day (also called Christmas Pudding; the mixture of spices and raisons are boiled or steamed; there are no plums, contains raisons which were called plums in pre-Victorian England), NAACP Day (the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded this day in 1909; it is the oldest civil rights organization), Lost Penny Day (we celebrate the penny on Lincoln's birthday as it is his image on the current coins; the first penny minted in 1787 was designed by Benjamin Franklin and the coin has gone through different versions until the Lincoln penny was minted in 1909; as it costs $1.67 per penny to mint nowadays, it is estimated that $55 Million dollars have been lost), Freedom to Marry Day (commemorates when San Francisco issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2004 and raises awareness to the struggle of the same-sex couples to be accorded the right to marry who they love), Oglethorpe Day (also known as Georgia Day; General James Edward Oglethorpe sailed up the Savannah River in 1733 and docked at the base of Yamacraw Bluff; the new colony would become the founding of Georgia), SafetyPup Day (a mascot of the National Child Safety Council, SafetyPup is often part of the law agencies' child safety outreach programs; many children are familiar with SafetyPup and his teachings due to these programs), and Red Hand Day (annual pleas to political leaders to draw attention to the plight and fates of child soldiers in wars and combat areas; a movement to bring an end to children being used as weapons of war).
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