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Aging Gracefully

Sunday, February 17, 2019

As my birthday nears and my MIL lies on her death bed, I just feel lost and scared about getting old. I know many of you are older than I am, I will turn 62 in about a week and have been having a hard time with this. I kind of feel that there was a past life in which I died at age 62 which doesn't help. Both parents died at 55 so getting older is scary for me. All my loved ones older than us have already passed (accept my in-laws) who I could confide in and talk to.

IT didn't help either when the person I went to to trim 3 inches off my hair told me she doesn't think older women should have long hair! Well, that sure made me feel good!

Please don't say my fears are dumb that you are way older than I am. (I am saying that to myself already) I am reaching out for love, not make me feel worse than I already am. 62 is young for other people when I look and think about them, so why can't I feel that way about myself?

This may be my way of grieving too as my MIL lay on her death bed, she is only in her 70s.

So, i thought I would put myself out there and ask for support and since I have nobody close to talk to about this.

1. How you are taking care of yourself?
2. What are your feelings about aging?
3. Any other thoughts, wisdom or feelings!
4 Are you afraid of getting older?

Thank you so much!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1. How you are taking care of yourself? Have done a total makeover of my eating this year.
    No sugar, no emulsifiers, very little fruit (bananas in recipes or berries), no gluten, no dairy. Did a 28 gut cleanse to reset gut. Meditating 2 Xs a day, practicing mindfulness, staying connected to divine.
    2. What are your feelings about aging? When my brother died almost 2 years ago (2nd brother to die) and my last uncle and cousin died last year it set me into a spin. My sister is stage 4 cancer now. I realized when she dies I will be the oldest person in our family. I have talked to & observed my niece and nephew (51 and 54) and how they are dealing with the same question, now that their mother's life is near the end. I have been looking at my friends and extended family and no longer fear being older. I actually like not having to worry about impressing people and being wiser than those around me. I also love to be around younger people and learning from them (keeping ego in check, lol).
    3. Any other thoughts, wisdom or feelings! I have noticed that the people that live in fear of dying/growing older have a poorer quality of life. We know love and fear cannot coexist. I see many people years younger than me that appear and act much older. They are down-sizing, finding a smaller home, retiring and moving to a house that requires little of them. Some are moving away from family to be in a better (warmer, less taxes, etc.) environment. For me, that is not healthy. I am moving closer to family. I am moving to a home that will require a little more of me. I am starting a business within the next year. I have made plans to learn new things, life will be an adventure and I will be present for my niece and nephew, grandnieces and grandnephews and my 4 great grandnieces and nephews. I will be able to see my son weekly. I am moving to a colder climate (I know this sounds crazy but it's what I want). I have decided to be happy.
    4 Are you afraid of getting older? No, I am afraid of becoming ill. I am focusing on maintaining and improving my health. Using food to heal and nourish my body. Limiting social media and it's negative influence. I fear not making the most of whatever time I have left.

    Jetta, you are young at heart. You are full of life and love. I think this was anticipatory grief of Joan's death. I hope that when you read this it is no longer an issue for you. I guess it is something we all go through. Hugs
    516 days ago
    Eating healthy and making sure to get enough water every day! emoticon
    518 days ago
    You might want to check out this website: http://sixtyandme.com/
    There are all kinds of helpful articles.
    585 days ago
    1. How you are taking care of yourself?
    eat real
    no garbage foods.. air for nutrient dense foods , shakes , snack ,
    lots of water , tea ,
    bless your food .. always .. direct the nutrients to specific areas of concern
    chew your food well .. being mindful of texture .. flavour .. etc ...

    2. What are your feelings about aging?
    I'm grateful to be aging .. I am grateful to be well .. I am grateful for today .. and praying I get tomorrow

    3. Any other thoughts, wisdom or feelings!
    I'm thankful to be the age I am .. I am the sum total of my life experiences .. my knowledge , career choices .. who I love and who loves me ..

    4 Are you afraid of getting older?
    not for a second .. not afraid of anything ... the most high God has us in His palm .. fear not !!
    age is a number ... there are no numbers in heaven.. no numbers .. no time .. no words are required ..
    why would we allow a number .. age .. scale .. etc set the tone for our lives ??
    thats just silly
    let that crap go ..
    dust off your wings .. straighten your crown .. get out your magic wand .. there are lonely sad people that need your love ..
    Pick me !!

    ego will keep you sad, stuck , scared and worried .. get out of ego ..back into spirit .. xoxo
    we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience .. I will gladly go home when I am called

    love ya more my friend ..

    let go and let God .. xoxo

    585 days ago
    Wow, I think you just said you feel somewhat similar to how I feel. I lost my mom when she was 62 from an anurism. I turned 63 last October and I just try to remember I must be here for a reason. Hope I figure it out someday, ha!
    586 days ago
  • no profile photo IDAEVE
    Well I take care of myself by exercising at least 5-6 days a week. It helps me to be able to move more freely. Not much I can do to hold back time. It happens to everyone. I am almost 72 now. I just deal with things day by day. I have faith and believe in heaven and an afterlife. I do have more aches and pains that come up all of a sudden. Like arthritis in my hands. I guess I would tell you just take the best care of yourself you can. Love yourself and others. emoticon emoticon
    586 days ago
    I agree with taking care of ourselves better as we age....making sure to drink water often etc. I age day to day but have a young at heart brain....think positive thoughts....I am spiritual and that helps me a lot...I am not afraid of aging....I live one day at a time.... emoticon
    587 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Good word. I'm trying to take care of myself as I move through my fifties.

    Hope your journey continues to go well.
    587 days ago
    Live one day at a time. I'm sure you've heard that one before, but living each day afraid of what could be is not helpful. Find friends, join local groups, and get out there and do things. You aren't dead yet, so live!
    587 days ago
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