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Not the same old story. (I hope)

Monday, April 01, 2019

OK so all of my past re-attempts have been like this...Here I am again, let's do this but first let me tell you what I did last time. At this point I would go on and on about where I started, where I went and now it's time to finally get where I really want to be. I'd tell you I weigh this amount, but I did weigh THAT amount so look at me go! Accomplishments are great don't get me wrong. I can't hang on them though. I can't lose 100 pounds and say, yep that's pretty good. Not when you are still 290 pounds.

This isn't that.

I am 358 pounds. I need to be HEALTHIER. I need to be able to breathe going up stairs and I need to not have a heart attack. Simple.

I weighed myself today. The first time in a while here at home. I gained 6 pounds since a Dr visit in February.

I need to get back to the very beginning and go back to what worked for me then. Before all the nutritionists and doctors got involved. Before my heart got broke again when my insurance wouldn't pay for weight loss surgery and before I got complacent and just plain tired of getting up every day to the same old thing.

If the same old thing means I go down instead of up, If it means I become healthy and less fearful of my future, or lack thereof...then so be it.

I dug my scale out, dusted it off and here we go.
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