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Food For Thought - What Do You Crave?

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Recently I was cleaning off the papers that seem to endlessly accumulate on my desk and I came across the following notes I made a long time ago. I don't remember the source and the information may or may not be valid, but it seems like some harmless non-calorie food for thought.


Sweets – seeking comfort, you may be celebrating
Chocolate – you may be lonely or sad, seeking love
Dairy – is soothing, calming when you are upset
Fat – is stabilizing when you are feeling empty or lonely
Salty and Crunchy – you are feeling frustration, anger, stress or resentment
Carbs – are comforting when stressed or sad
Coffee & Soda - for when you need energy or motivation
Spicy – when you want to relieve boredom

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Those sound pretty reasonable to me!
    5 hours ago
    Carol the kids do get out here on Sunday --and the 12 yr old really wants to cut the front and side lawn--
    Its busy thesecdays-Lynda
    50 days ago
    Thanks Carol-- I changed it to Son #2--- Yu are a good person--LOL--Hugs, Lynda
    89 days ago
    No Carol-----Son #1 the restaurant owner never approached Fred nor me---never spoke to us--I spoke to them both and they answered my questions but they were not friendly-- -- Sad because they won't have his Dad too long--- They never took anything over toTim's house where the Birthday Dinner was--They own a restaurant so yu think they might contribute to Tim's wee party for Ethan----but--they did not!---
    It upsets me because I don 't know how to handle it----Their little girl is sweet--- I love her to bits!---
    So hard when stuff happens eh in a family!--- Allison, our daughter, says that Fred told him what everyone else wanted to tell him but didn't have the nerve--I say, he can thin k things like that, but, should not say stuff to him like that because you can't change how son#1 thinks-- --- Fred continues to kinda shrivel up--seems to get tinier----Lynda
    123 days ago
    Carol yu are so wise! --- REST----- as soon as I get theTax receipts done-- Thy nearly are!
    128 days ago
    135 days ago
    Yes Carol--It's me too who has to pull it all together for the accountant --It is a terrible job too--Lynda
    140 days ago
    Hi Carol--all is good here--- It is "cold" but--it is February-- so we expect that---
    And it is sunny---
    I think of your kind words often--(remember yer phone call?)--- Sometimes I hear things--well-- in my head--and-I think of you--- I listen more now to what drifts thru the brain--LOL--- Funny how life works out--if I listen more--- premonitions---life is easier when I listen--
    Anyway---I hopeful is going well with you and yer husband--- (I think of him too)-
    Hugs, Lynda
    176 days ago
    Carol -yu made me smile--- I never ever want to ski either---- I too took lessons in Ottawa when I lived there but--the hills there were like mole hills compared to up north here-However its good that our kids learned to ski while they were young and had no fear---
    Have yu heard any news about your vaccine?--- It sure hasn't;y arrived in this Area-
    191 days ago
    Oh Carol--Thank yu for saying the Positive posts help others--- These are such troubled times! I believe it is a test of our "will" to stay on top of it all-- hard tho-- --Thank yu for being "you"- emoticon
    204 days ago
    Hi Carol--- I usually have the family here Xmas eve--- but we all share the cooking--
    This year because of Covid, Son #3 is having us over there--- opening gifts etc--Fred does not want to go--so I will stay for a bit --the drive bAck home with 2 meals--
    We will be alone Christmas Day--- I think we will enjoy the peace and quiet-- will get out for a walk-- play the piano--
    I wish we lived closer to yu both-- Lynda
    224 days ago
    There were so many old funny shows eh"--Remember Carol Burnet?--- Have yu heard when yu might get a vaccine Carol?
    227 days ago
    Carol, yu are so so right and thank yu for reminding me-- I need to be grateful that I am able to manage all of my day-I must remember that! ---Thank yu---so much-Lynda
    248 days ago
    Thanks Carol--great reminders--- I shall get the notebook out-Lynda
    262 days ago
    Carol, it was really wonderful to have Himself with me --We were there early--no line up too- Lynda
    290 days ago
    lotza raking here too--- SO many leaves to come down--always good to hear from yu-Lynda
    310 days ago
    Carol-I love thAt--Its a Fantasy Day
    Glad yu both are OK--- all we see on our news is fire and smoke!
    324 days ago
    Cartol--Are yu in Oregon?--- With all the fires, I was thinking of you--Please tell Media that you are not living there--Lynda
    325 days ago
    Thanks Carol for all yer wise words over the past day--- I really do appreciate your thoughts--- Lynda
    342 days ago
    Hi Carol---- Hope your day goes well--- hugs to yu both, Lynda emoticon
    365 days ago
    Hi Carol-- lovely message on the blog- thank yu so much!-
    Yes, Charlee is a darling--- makes me smile ---and yet has gone thru so much-- Lynda
    367 days ago
    wishing yu a great day too-Lynda
    385 days ago
    Hi Carol--No--He never goes out so he thinks things are the same as they used to be-doesn't matter what I say---I did get him 3 Sweat 100's plants--That is good enough--LOL--- Lotza hugs, Lynda
    422 days ago
    Enjoy yer conference-- YU always forward to that-Lynda
    438 days ago
    no--This IS our Holiday weekend---not on the 24th --but our long weekend anyway---Lots going on here too--- Hugs, Lynda
    445 days ago
    Happy happy Birthday Carol!----and yes, yu do deserve that cake!--- I hope it a good day thee for yu! emoticon
    Hugs, Lynda
    458 days ago
    Yu are so funny!--Your body likes the fat---- I guess its the same for us all--- It's "the battle of the bulge"---
    I try to keep moving but with Fred here all the time, I don't have the time I used to have--- He seems to like to talk-- LOL----=- Hugs, Lynda
    464 days ago
    hi Carol==== Thanks so much for yer kind words-Hopefully all will go well with Tess--- (but I don't think so)--- but--I can hope!--- These are strange times--unusual ---- and after watching all that in New York, it kinda got to me--Those poor people!--Hugs, Lynda
    484 days ago
    so nice of yu to write Carol--I believe that we are over whelmed right now--I guess I have to just slow down --- I appreciate yu writing--Hugs, Lynda
    492 days ago
    " Head shaking times" for sure--- but--I feel that we can do this--- hugs Carol-Lynda
    505 days ago
    Hi Carol, Our schools are closed--- and most events cancelled-- Fred home now too ---at least for 2 weeks--maybe more!
    People are panicking--- buying and stocking up--but --our stores are good at restocking --at least here--not in the big cities- -
    507 days ago
    Hi Carol--WEll, the internet is fsaytill working--hoping it stays online here--- so nice to hear from yu-Lynda
    515 days ago
    Yes Carol, I do "water-colour" painting--- but these pictures of us were made by our daughter , on her iPad-- EMogis?--Is that the word for them?--- --They are cute!
    Son#2 the Pilot lives in Toronto--about 8 hrs from us-- and yes, the cameras are very important to him--I guess it keeps him in touch with home---- -
    611 days ago
    Hi Carol-- Happy Thanksgiving to you-Do yu cook a Turkey?
    How is yer himself?--- I often wonder how he is doing-
    Yu know, my SIL passed on-I wish I could talk to her--- where ever she is-- LOL--- I miss her so much!
    Anyway-very bad storm here-Hope we dont lose power-
    615 days ago
    Oh Carol---He sure keeps me busy--- We bought (or I bought) a microwave with a sensor in it-supposed to turn itself off --senses when things are done-- What next eh?-Lynda
    677 days ago
    Its amazing what a few new outfits do eh?--- They are not as baggy as what I had--Lynda
    697 days ago
    Does it seem like FALL where tie live?--The seasons change so fsst--Lynda
    699 days ago
    cool-she is here--They arrived yesterday--- She is a Special person--- Her 2 children are here alsop--Her hubby is en route to Chicago to mark Dr's exam papers---It has been very hot--- and the boys have been out with their children--All is going well--just hope I can keep going-not run out of steam--- They all help a lot tho---We bought a 2 person Kayak---the water toys were all getting so small --the G.Kids are older now---
    We need a new mattress--but--we have a new Kayak--- crazy us ! -- I love to see the children down at the dock--Lynda
    Hope yer hubby is holding up --yu too-- I think about yu often--Life is hard --Lynda emoticon
    745 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/20/2019 10:00:40 AM
    Fat salty and crunchy. Lonely and frustrated. Yep that is me.
    771 days ago
    Hi Carol, My Fred could never manage the cell phone--- Jamaicans can barely use a real phone --LOL--- --
    We will always have a land line--but--our land line is Voice over Internet--saves $$$$ -- more rain to-day--- maybe I needed it to rest a bit--- How is your hubby doing? -----hopefully yu both are handling all OK--- I think about yu often------- Hugs to yu --- Lynda
    783 days ago
    Hi Carol---so long since Ive written yu--- I hope all is going as well as it can--- - I do think about yu a lot--Life is so busy--- --Hopefully yer Himself is doing OK---- hugs, Lynda
    799 days ago
    Love this. Probably true. Thanks for sharing. Our lives can have us feeling with all these issues and many turn to food rather than dealing with what is bothering us.
    810 days ago
  • SALLY5577
    Very interesting thoughts here. Next time I have a craving for one of them I shall bear this in mind.The coffee and soda I can understand and the chocolate or sweets too but the salty and crunchy are new ones on me as are the other cravings. Thank you for taking the time to put this up.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    815 days ago
    Sounds about right. There is a therapist in my past that told me the same things. Helps those of us who are emotional eaters to identify what we are feeling when we overeat. Thanks for sharing.
    819 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    Well, emoticon I was sharing some things with a co-workers yesterday and this is good food for thought. Although I don't necessarily crave salt and crunchy, they are my favorite and go-to snack. Interesting and I'll think on these things. emoticon emoticon
    819 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    i don't usually thing of these associations. Thanks for making them available. We are very complicated individuals, and these make sense.
    819 days ago
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