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Weigh-in: May 11, 2019: Did Trent Stay Below 200?

Saturday, May 11, 2019

06-Apr: [ 205.6@22% ]
13-Apr: [ 201.8@21% ]
20-Apr: [ 201.6@20% ]
27-Apr: [ 200.4@23% ]
04-May: [ 198.2@22% ] **Below 200!!

It was a struggle. Between forgetting my lunch and being surrounded by free salty/carb snacks, I wasn't very hopeful. It was odd in that when the pressures were the highest the week before, I stood up to the challenge and actually kept my eating and weight in check. This week, with far less pressure, I ended up faltering on the eating front.

By Tuesday, I didn't care if my foot fell off, I was going to exercise. Very lightly and very low impact was the game; 10 minutes of cardio/warmup followed by 10 minutes of weight lifting (upper one day, lower the next).

The good news? I felt my muscles re-establishing themselves within days. The bad news? Muscle weighs more than fat. That combined with poor eating choices? Well let's just say we weren't going to lose weight, but the mid-weeks literally were straddling 200.0

Last Week: 198.2@22%
This Week: 199.6@20% (up 1.4...But still below 200.0)

Yeah, I am glad to see that 20% body fat is still in play. It's been a few weeks.

Not happy with the gain, but darned thankful that I didn't go back above 200

Soooooo......we're 199.6 which is 1999-Jun

We're still below 200. People are noticing that I've lost weight. I'm at 20% body fat. I'm wearing 36" jeans and replacing 38" ones. Only one song/video from the final spring of the final year of the 1990's will do my situation justice.

That's right, ladies watch out! The Dreamer may soon be pulling out the old pink jacket for his wacky Friday night antics and flirtations.

I know right? Sooooo cool!! #best-video-ever

Intense meal planning is the name of the game. If I do that right, I actually believe I can be as low as 197.x.

(insert pink blazer emoji here)

- TD Out!
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