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Weigh-in: May 18, 2019: Called It

Sunday, May 19, 2019

06-Apr: [ 205.6@22% ]
13-Apr: [ 201.8@21% ]
20-Apr: [ 201.6@20% ]
27-Apr: [ 200.4@23% ]
04-May: [ 198.2@22% ]
11-May: [ 199.6@20% ]

-----Last Week's Quote:
TD Wrote: "Intense meal planning is the name of the game. If I do that right, I actually believe I can be as low as 197.x."

-----This Week:
Ate out like once very early in the week. Two days of meal prep (Monday and Wednesday) and basically healthy dinners and breakfast were key and the midweeks were reflecting that.

Exercise was the usual. I want the foot to get better, but we're making due.

Previous Low: 198.2@22%
This Morning : 197.8@22% (down 0.4 pounds. 197.X? Yup! Called it)

-----The final 2.8
I'm not going to lie. I want the scale to read 195.8 at least once before I hit goal. 10 years ago when I was unable to hit 195. That was the lowest weight I hit, and it was my weigh-in weight several weeks. A major source of frustration. I want to hit that number and then leave it in the dust.

So 1997-Aug, what CD single did Trent have on repeat?


Yup, as cheesy as it is awesome (imho).

Eagle-eyed readers of my blog will likely notice from here on, as my weight edges closer to 195, the songs will start to be a bit different. They will more reflect the tastes of older siblings/cousins of the time or the music one might envision being played on the easy listening stations of the day (think radio in the car when parent is driving kid to activity). There are logistical reasons for this.

Honestly the celebratory song thing was mostly motivate me to get thought the 2000's. I loved the music of that decade.

-----Next Week
Going to see if I can heal the foot and get exercising for real again. I know that the pounds will not be dropping 1-2 each week. And frankly, I haven't really hit a formal plateau. So we'll see

I really do appreciate your blog support on this particular branch of this journey.

emoticon emoticon

- TD Out!

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