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Monday, June 03, 2019

What a crazy body I have now! As a teen and young adult, I had this hour-glass figure up top and could hide my thunder thighs under skirts (back in the day when skirts were cool). (I'm on the left.)

After the caboose arrived , I never quite got that hour-glass back . . . but after menopause truly arrived, I discovered that my body stores fat in places I never used to have a problem with . . . like the belly. What IS this bulge?!!!? I used to lose weight first in the neck and then in the waist. Yep . . . those thunder thighs were the last to respond. But while my menopause me (MMM) still loses first in the neck, the second to respond are the thighs. OK, that's nice . . . except it means that that belly bulge is stubborn as all get out. Yes, years of this, and I'm still having an identity crisis over that belly bulge!

But the cruelest trick of all is that MMM disproportionately ADDS fat stores to my arms! Once the caboose arrived (baby boy, now 27), I noticed that my arms were getting thicker. But my Menopause Me stubbornly holds onto it there, even when I'm losing weight. So while I do lose some there, my arms seem to just get bigger and bigger with each weight swing. Wearing those sassy pants I couldn't even wear at my lowest weight back in 2014 (must have bought the on a last-minute whim for my trip to Seattle before coming home to Mexico), but most of the blouses are still just too tight in the arms--nowhere else--just the arms. I do arm-toning exercises, and while I can see results, they just don't proportionately get back down to where they were.

I guess that means that if I don't want to end up with arms ultimately bigger than those thunder thighs, I MUST HOLD THE LINE on any farther weight fluctuations. Right now I'm in a great place, and that seems completely reasonable to me. But I also realize that life has a way of messing with my "good place," and one of those ways is when we return Stateside and find all the tempting foods that we've missed during our Mexico time. I know that sugar is my enemy . . . it's the one thing that can pull me down and mess with my "great place" emotionally. I also know that drinking water with lemon every morning and every meal, somehow slashes sugar cravings. So . . . I know a couple things I have to do to HOLD THAT LINE!

What do you do to HOLD THAT LINE?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, MichiganMom, you have been the recipient of my envy! I've always thought how wonderful it would be to have toothpick legs for shorts and thin arms for sleeveless blouses! I realize that healthwise, it's better the other way, but for having something "skinny" to show, especially in summer . . . yep . . . I am envious of all you toothpick legs gals. LOL!

    Interesting to see how many of you are struggling with the same thicker arms issue. Wish I could banish it for all of us! Thanks for sharing! I don't feel so alone! emoticon
    504 days ago
    I am so glad I'm not alone with the gigantic arms. I was looking at a picture from 3 years ago before I put back on a lot of weight. I was wearing capri jeans and a polo shirt. I had to put those away when I gained. I'm back to wearing the jeans but the arms on the polo shirt are sooooo much tighter! I never thought of it as being so much worse because of menopause.
    506 days ago
  • JAMER123
    I didn't struggle with weight until menopause and it just packed on. Yes, the arms are my embarrassment that I can't hide. The stomach can be hidden. Will continue to struggle with them both. I also was working 16 to 20 hrs. around that time so it's more than likely very bad eating habits and the nature of menopause.
    507 days ago
    good luck, you can hold the line, but with MMM it is a battle.
    507 days ago
    I've always been a potato with toothpick legs. Arms have got big with the years and have butterfly triceps as they flap in the wind. Go hormones.
    507 days ago
    I have always struggled with being overweight. I haven't noticed additional thickness anywhere yet but I'm still in the starting gate of this menopause / hot flash crazy thing.
    507 days ago
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