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17th June

Monday, June 17, 2019

Think of three things you are grateful for, and write them down.

(1) I am grateful to have the rest of the day off - I got home from work at 9.45am today. It's great to be home and I really appreciate my flat. I have to stay in until someone has been to carry out an inspection of fire doors (I don't think I have any actually - but they have to check them!).


(2) I am grateful for telephones - I phoned my friend this morning and had a really lovely conversation.

She's not been in good health for the past year or so, and on Friday morning I went over with my Scrabble board and we chatted whilst we larked about finding words. She usually beats me hands-down at Scrabble, but this time we were about even (I put this down to the fact that she's not on top form!). The words we found were INTERESTING (one of my favourite words, along with 'GLORIOUS'). Today she said that she'd woken on Saturday morning feeling like something had shifted ............... and put it down to our Scrabble & Chat session. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't it wonderful to be able to pick up a phone and hear someone's voice - and now, of course, we could do a video chat too if we wanted to. These inventions are so amazing.

I am also grateful that I can put my telephone on 'silent' and screen incoming calls so that I can choose who I talk to! On my mobile phones I have number 'blocked' so that they don't even ring - like the SPAM folder on email accounts.

(3) I am grateful for my job. I moan a lot about my job - but I am so very grateful to be employed, doing something I am good at, locally. And even better now that we are on the Real Living Wage. We're still at the bottom of the income ladder, but it's enough, now, to live on and have a decent standard of living.

We live in a very insecure world work-wise. Even our jobs in social care are getting chipped away at as they aim to cut out the cost of salaries, and bring in more technological aids. Why have a person employed if a machine can do it? Hmm................. the work thing and my job-satisfaction are something I'm working on. I'm grateful that I have a job to work on!

This stuff looks interesting (sic!)

a lot of these articles assume, or focus on, an office-based kind of work - need to be creative to apply it to my kind of work (I'm guessing support work is similar to things like health-care, and education work in it's diversity and lack of a desk!)
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