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18th June

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


today's activity was: Make time to do something playful today; just for the fun of it"

and I think I've failed on this one

I've been a grumpy old grouch for most of the day, with a short fuse, a sarcastic tongue, and quick to point out everything wrong or pointless - all-in-all, feeling quite down.

Whenever anyone asked me how I was today, I told them I was feeling a bit down. And what I discovered was that people just don't know what to do with that information. I suppose there's just not time at work (although, having said that, I make time to listen to people when they're struggling).

One person suggested I take up a new hobby. Well, I already do a voluntary job, go to a painting class, run, learn a language, and go to Buddhist meetings....... I do quite enough!

Another said I needed to treat myself to something nice..................

Others just shrugged it off and changed the subject.

People don't like it when other people aren't 'fine'.

I found myself resorting to trying to explain it away myself by saying that maybe I was coming down with a cold or something, or maybe the current spate of grey, sunless weather has dragged me down.

Someone else said I needed to be 'more Cornish' - let it wash over me; nothing is THAT serious!

There were, like any day, good things that happened too. There was an amazing thing that was like support from the Universe - we had been trying to figure out how to support someone to get to a health appointment (there have to be two of us with him) - and the phone rang, and it was the health centre to say they were sorry but they had to cancel his appointment because the doctor wasn't well!

Another very helpful person appeared when I was trying to get a prescription sorted for someone - I was given a signed prescription which I took to the pharmacy................. pharmacy said 'they no longer make that' so back to the receptionist, who then was an absolute star and managed to sort things out so that I could get what I needed (for a person I support). I was SO grateful to her.

Anyway, I am pleased to say I did not resort to eating to make myself feel better. I came home and did 10 mins resistance band workout, then made a nice mug of Mexican Hot Chocolate (cocoa with some cinnamon and chilli and vanilla in!). I'm now going to watch the last episode of a very good drama I've been following.

It's still raining out there.......... I guess there's still time to do something playful - just not sure what that might be yet!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    No, people don't like to hear that. They actually don't seem to want to hear any response beyond, "I'm fine."

    123 days ago
  • GORDON66
    We all have bad days, You could have made it worse, but you didn't. Good for you!!!


    124 days ago
    Mexican Hot Chocolate (cocoa with some cinnamon and chilli and vanilla in!).

    124 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    No people don't like to hear about mental health.

    It's awful.

    If your head hurt, you broke a bone, you had a virus... all good to discuss, people even share far too personal problems sometimes with regards to physical health.

    But discussion of mental health is still seen as taboo.

    But we ALL have to work on our mental health, some of us more than others, some different ways, some a lot easier than others. But we don't talk about it.

    124 days ago
    "People don't like it when other people aren't 'fine'. " You're right!

    And, if we're not fine, there's often a leap that follows with the judgement that we are 'negative'. Such dualistic thinkers we can be. Life is ambiguous, filled with shades of grey. Not as nearly clear cult as folks would like it to be.

    emoticon I hear you. You take care of yourself.

    I smiled reading that you'd made a nice mug of Mexican Hot Chocolate. It may be hot here; but, my body seems to be asking for a mug of hot chocolate too. Come dinner time, I'll see if the desire for hot chocolate remains. And, if so, hot chocolate it will be!

    124 days ago
    I think you should find some shoes you don't care about, go outside, and find a puddle to stomp in, just like 5 year old you would have chosen to do. Don't worry about "happiness", such a loaded word. Reach for satisfaction!
    124 days ago
    I totally get your blog today. You just described me on most work days... especially when i have made myself a happiness goal... it's like I'm trying, on an unconscious level, to prove to myself there's nothing to be happy about.
    124 days ago
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