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Brody bits... we're going to summer school!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Within minutes of finishing up my last report (you remember the one where I moaned about the long quiet summer ahead without my scheduled visits???), "Mom" changed the plan...

But first, in case you didn't already know (and because someone asked), we're part of a local volunteer group which certifies therapy pets and then organizes visits in a five county area. The group send out lists of the requests they receive from all kinds of places (hospitals, senior programs, colleges, schools, libraries, businesses - even our local airport!) Some are ongoing and some are single events. If we're interested, we just sign up! You might also find it interesting that our group has about 100 certified animals - mainly dogs and a few cats with an occasional "other." (I've never met one of the "others" but I've heard stories... !!)

Well... in this most recent email, ol' eagle-eyed Mom saw a listing for a summer school program in a nearby school district for special needs kids.

emoticon Whoa, that's right up my alley!! emoticon

Guess she was a little concerned I would get bored or lose my touch or something. Of course, everyone just knew I would be perfect for the job so we're all signed up!

Just wanted to let you know - there's no grass growing under these paws or rest for the wicked or whatever Mom says (cause I have no idea what any of it means.) I still have a week or two to rest up. We don't start til after something called "Fourth of July." That's known around here as the day/weekend/week when it gets awful noisy after dark around here due to things called fireworks???!!! emoticon But don't worry about me. I don't get scared because I'm very brave especially when I sit next to Mom on the couch. I only jump if she does. On the other hand, those loud noises do wake me up from my after-evening-treat and pre-bedtime nap... kinda like that other thing they call thunder. emoticon

Meanwhile, Mom and I (and Riley) take our daily walks - just to keep in shape. I think she's also taking me to see "the groomer" so I look (and smell) extra nice. Yes, indeed, it certainly is...

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