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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Long time no read. I have kept my Spark activity going just not in the community per se. Extremely busy with life, surgeries, work and running. A girl can only do so much with her 24 hours and I already gave up sleep, lol😉
So I wanted to break down what I have been doing AND what I am planning. Now I know I don't have to but I want to share just so you can see the full consequences of obesity and hopefully the recovery of such.

Life, I finally have a real hobby. Years ago, doing my house was the only response I could give to people when they asked. Now, I am still NOT done with my house but.... I took up running. It is the hobby that keeps giving and TAKING so much but I am working on balance. I should have become a massage therapist, a chiropractor and bought stock in running shoes, running socks, sports bras, sunblock and epsom salt.

Surgeries, YES I went there, I HAD to. I had a total of 2 excess skin removal proceedures. As a runner the skin was a real problem. Arms, thighs, breasts, stomach rolls and even the back butt area. That was the BIGGEST daily pain even with simple everyday activities like driving. The loose skin would fold itself and pinch me as I would take a corner or turn in bed. Every part of me is still very real, I only had a breast reduction with lift and the smaller breasts are AMAZING! No, I did not go through insurance...it caused me more anxiety than it was worth but I know I could have gotten the breasts covered at a minimum because of all my issues there. The interesting part after getting my excess skin removed...by the way, less than 7lbs was taken, I see different flaws and problem areas so losing the weight, losing the skin DOES NOT SOLVE ____________. My activities are way easier now, I have a bit more confidence and I am hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon sometime in the future. Not jiggling 3 ways from Sunday has improved me and my form. Now, I just have to improve my speed work 🙏 I would post better pictures, but I don't feel Spark is the place for that.

Work, I still love my job and my employer. Leaving my prior employer was the best decision I could have made despite the longer commute. They are supportive in my goals and it is great.

Running, like I said I want to BQ= Boston Qualify. It took me 10 years to get where I am with Spark so who knows how long it will take me to run an 8:22 min mile for 26.2 miles to do that but I am game. Coming off my 2 surgeries caused me to lose some stamina but I am working with a running coach for now at least and I have gotten faster and even PR'd for my most recent 10K! Just over 3 months before my next full marathon, I also have another one scheduled for April. I have 2 half marathons this fall and a few smaller races also scheduled.

For me, I have found what works, planning. If I have a race to work towards I have less time to sit on the couch eating potato chips regaining the weight. And if I do have a potato chip, that 4 mile run from the day before or the 7 mile run I did that morning OR the workout I am going to have tomorrow for at least 45 minutes will take care of those calories. I have to continually plan to stay ahead of my love for food and that is ok👍
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