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I am back, again

Monday, August 19, 2019

I wonder in this will be the last time I post a blog that starts with the title, I am back again. It didn't take me long to fall off the wagon the last three times. I wonder sometimes if it is possible to actually stick with it after failing so many times. Last year I lost 25 lbs, the most I ever lost. I have gained back 17 of those lbs. But that was not my first time. Over the last 18 years, I have gained & lost the same 10-15 lbs many many times. I really just want this horror of heart burn, heart palpitations, body pains, bloating, balance & muscule loss to end. I no longer want to be limited by my weight. I give up in the midst of family health crises, my own health issues, friendly food pushers, even more friendly food pushers & never being home more than 2 days in a row. Much of it unexpected. Last week, Monday I drove family members home after a visit, then Wed-Fri spent living out of a suitcase while my brother had out of town heart surgery. This week is no better. Only home on Tuesday. I am never home long enough to develop a game plan. And when I am home, my time is spent washing dishes, doing laundry & cleaning in preparation for next week of running. So I ask the question, can a person fail at weight loss as often as I have & actually come back & do it plus keep the weight off? I am feeling pretty tired, frustrated & angry at myself. In angst, your friend Julie
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    The answer is YES, you can have set backs over and over and still come back and lose. In fact, I venture to say many of us (myself included) have done that. You are facing extraordinary stress and it is understandable that has affected your efforts. I have faced stress that lasted far less time and fallen off the wagon.

    Most recently, heartburn ended up being the best thing that ever happened to my weightloss efforts. It culminated in an episode where I woke up choking on bile and gasping for air. I didn't want to go on meds right away, so I made changes. Besides avoiding acidic foods, I waited longer to make sure I was full at meals and the true godsend was I stopped eating 3 hours before bed. That forced me into a mini version of IF where I now go 12-13 hours without food between waiting to go to sleep, sleep and getting ready before breakfast. It made it so i could stay mid weightwatchers point range and lose weight which seemed near impossible for me. I can be hypoglycemic of no known origin and it hasn't been an issue since this started. I will admit, I do feel hungry still sometimes before bed, but it is a mild hunger usually and if it's more than that I have bone broth. I only occasionally wake up in the morning hungry.

    Also, can your brother afford to sometimes hire people to help him? I know this time he went to a remote doctor, but for local stuff, there are services that can drive him and aides he can hire. I know we all want to do the best for our family, but not at the expense of our own health.

    Cheering you on because I know you can do this. It's not about how many times you fall, but instead it's about how many times you get up!
    220 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/21/2019 12:00:34 PM
    It is definitely difficult when you are not cooking for yourself, BUT . . . . with internet, you can research (most times) the menu and nutrition and make the best choice. NOT easy, takes practice, but can be done. Don't give up!

    222 days ago
    Welcome back! If you have to come back again and again that's fine 😊 I make mistakes but I just pick up again and carry on... I've lost over 80 pounds that way. You can too.
    222 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Yes you can. You say you are never at home. Research eating out healthy. I know that there are several websites, plus books that help you eat healthy on the go. The choices you make in the restaurant are yours alone.

    There are always soup and salad, get a fruit plate as dessert, order a lean protein instead of everything covered in gravy, or fried. Fish is always an option. Not fried, but baked or broiled. Order a baked potato and use minimal condiments on it. Always cut your meal in half. Restaurant meal sizes are just not proportioned correctly. Pick from the choice of healthy meals or meals on the leaner side.

    What I guess I'm telling you is that if you plan you can do better for yourself without totally starving or going on one of those fad diets. Look into Weight Watchers, and use their point system. The weight will come off slowly and just keep practicing healthy choices. Skip all the sugary desserts and what is easy on the go. Give up fast food places because you have the tools to do it. You've already lost weight so you know that this is a daily challenge.

    You deserve to be healthy and feel better. You can do this, I just know you can.
    222 days ago
    Yes you can come back! I've done a lot of dieting in my life and it left me 80 pounds overweight. Part of the problem is we live in the real world with holidays, birthdays, problems and more that always seem to get in the way. Hang in there!
    222 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    I'm right there with you. We tend to everyone else, and tend to forget our own health. Not sure how to balance it all, but I'm going to keep trying. I'm sure some healthy living is better then none at all.
    222 days ago
    It's definitely a hundred times more challenging to eat healthy when you're not controlling things from home base, so don't get down on yourself for having trouble with this. I've been having great results with eating in an 8-hour window each day, and I wonder if this is something that would be possible for you with your current lifestyle. Less emphasis on what you eat and more on when you eat, which might be something you can have more control over. Anyway, good to hear from you.
    222 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/19/2019 12:06:36 PM
    Keep on keeping on, if only with baby steps. Don't give up.
    222 days ago
    Have a blessed day friend!!
    222 days ago
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