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What would I tell a good friend?

Friday, August 23, 2019

I was asking myself, “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I put more effort into losing weight?”

I decided to use the Beck technique of thinking what would I tell a good friend who felt that way, and the technique worked and I had a good on track, in control week.

I would tell a good friend:
There is nothing wrong with you. You have already lost more weight than most people are able to do. A lot of people gain weight and just keep on gaining. You did something about it and lost a lot of weight. You haven’t given up. You are human. Everyone with a weight problem struggles with going off track. Just read the Spark posts and you will see how difficult it is, even people on maintenance struggle with it from time to time. Just keep working on your Beck techniques every day and eventually they will become automatic. Remember that you have had times when the Beck techniques were feeling automatic and you weren’t having cravings, or you were responding successfully to your cravings, and it was feeling easy to stay on track. You can feel that way again. Don’t beat yourself up. That just leads you down the wrong path. You have a good angel on your right shoulder who wants you to succeed and who tells you the right choice to make and gives you encouragement. And you have a bad angel on your left shoulder who wants to sabotage you, who gives you bad advice, who tries to manipulate you into making bad choices, who does not want you to change, who tells you that you are a failure to try to get you to give up. When you have a thought, ask yourself is this coming from the good angel or the bad angel? If it is coming from the bad angel, ask the good angel what she thinks and brush the bad angel off your shoulder.
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