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Running Red Lights & Falling Down Stairs

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I have been in maintenance for a year and feel great about that! My weight fluctuates up and down in the +/-3% range...sometimes higher...sometimes lower. But, when I make a diet mistake, since I struggle with the “All or Nothing” mindset, I am tempted to compound my mistakes. When I mess up and gain back some extra pounds by not following my nutrition and exercise plan, I always have that deep fear that I will “throw in the towel” and go back to my unhealthy lifestyle.

I read the following from the “Beck Diet Solution” and, at first, it made me laugh but then the examples really spoke to me and gave me insight and something to think about for the times when I mess up. I hope they help other SparkFriends, too!

“We discuss with dieters the fact that there are very few (if any) other areas in life where people think it makes sense to compound one mistake with another.  We give dieters the red light analogy: imagine you are driving in your car, run a red light, and get pulled over by a cop who then gives you a ticket.  You wouldn’t think, “Well I’ve messed up today, I might as well run red lights for the rest of the day and then start driving carefully again tomorrow.” No! You would stop at the very next red light and get on with your day.  Dieting is the same thing – one mistake never justifies continuing to make more.  Another analogy I like is reminding dieters that if they fell down a few stairs, they wouldn’t say “screw it” and then throw themselves down the rest of the flight of stairs.  Of course what they would do is pick themselves back up and walk down the rest of the way. Continuing to eat off track once dieters make a mistake is like continuing to run red lights or throwing themselves down the rest of the stairs – completely irrational.”

Source: beckdietsolution
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