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Slow but steady

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Being as busy as I've been, and working full time too, I was wondering how successul I would be to begin this journey (again) to get back to my 2011 low of 119 pounds. I took "a break" that lasted toooooooo long. Life happens, and so does death. After 34 years together, we've now been separated by death for over 3 years now. I've muddled through all of that, and kept low expectations about the next pages of my life story. I believe that the key to happiness is high standards with low expectaions. Only I can do this, no one else. I will not ignore me, nor will I merely exist. If nobody cares, I will not forget that I care. I will live, and live happily ever after until my time here is done. The beauty and joy is here to be enjoyed, and very little of those things contain calories, fat, or sodium. Being 60 and single was not my plan, but it is also not the end for me. Doctor confirms I'm healthy and blessed to not require any prescription medications for any conditions. I spent this year so far saying yes to every offer to get out and do things, and stepped out to do things alone if I wanted to go somewhere. It has been a very interesting year, and curiously my most photo-opped too. My photos and videos have been more than selfies on my phone, and incuded in my local newspaper, style magazine, and television too. Who knew that attending fundraisers, concerts and performing volunteer work could do all that in less than six months for me? That's where the realization occurred regarding the next change that now must be made.........I hate how I look in those photos. Nope, my hair is fine, I won't be able to do anything about my carefully earned badge-of-honor wrinkles, and I certainly can't grow taller, but the fat has GOT to go. I know I'll feel better, have more energy, look better, and will have to buy new clothes when I get there and my jeans fall off my hips too. The only thing standing in my way is me, so I'm here to hold myself accountable and kick my own butt when I fail, but get up and keep on keepin' on. I'm grateful for all the gifts God has given me, including this site and the people on it. HAVE A GREAT WEEK Y'ALL....Now from Bethlehem PA.
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