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So it's true...

Sunday, September 29, 2019

On Saturday, I went to a multi-year high school reunion. The group organizing the reunion decided it would be fun to have a reunion that included all the graduating classes. The party included alumni who graduated in every decade from the 1950s to when the school shut it's doors in 1989.

There were 300+ people at the party, and almost every single person there had a huge smile on their face. Definitely a night to remember.

Saw some schoolmates that I hadn't seen since graduating in 1982. Bumped into people I knew that I had no idea were alumni from the same school.

I was seated with an old friend, along with six other women that graduated two years after I did. Two of the women looked familiar, but I just couldn't place them. We were all chatting away, and then the lady seated next to me told me that I had trained her when she started working at one of the jobs I worked at part-time after school. She told me that I gave her some really good advice that she put to good use the whole time she worked there. She said she remembered that I was really nice to her and that she thought I had done a great job training her. Then the lady sitting across from me piped up and said that I had trained her too, at the same place! She basically echoed what the first lady said.

A little while later, when I was standing at another table chatting with some former classmates, a lady sitting next to where I was standing tapped my arm and told me that she remembered me from high school. She said that she was two grades lower than us, and when she first arrived at the school, she was amazed by our little group and that she wanted to be just like us. Wow. I truly don't remember us doing anything that was any different than anyone else at the school, but to this person, we were special. I was surprised by what she said.

A little while later, I was walking back to my table, and a lady stopped me. She took me by the arms, and she said "Mimma, I just wanted to tell you, you are an amazing woman.". I was shocked. She saw my surprised look, and told me that she graduated after I did, but that she remembered me well. She said I inspired her, and that she remembered me for my flaming red hair that was always flowing. She said she thought I looked like a Victorian princess, and that she wanted to be just like me. WOW. i was floored.

I honestly did not think that I was anything like that when I went to high school. I wasn't part of any clique, I wasn't an athlete, or an artist, or an actor or musician. I always thought of myself as a regular, boring student. To hear these comments 38 years after graduating is just humbling.

You truly never know who you are inspiring.

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