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Guess I get to brag

Saturday, October 05, 2019

I have been sitting on this a few days. I did not pay attention to when the final results for the challenge posted. All 3 teams lost 290 pounds. Which is more then even my heaviest weight. That is amazing. We did something really good for the world.

I placed 3rd overall in weigh loss and 2nd in % lost.

I feel like I should be proud and bragging, but instead I am stunned. In between challenges I have struggled, but I think I got my mojo back. I had some trouble sticking to the workouts schedule and I needed to trim some calories. What worked for 270, 250, 240 doesn't work for 213.8. Weirdly I am now dealing with feeling hungry. Pretty sure I am not starving. I am eating in the 1300 to 1400 calorie range. I will add extra snack if I go hiking.

Also dropping insulin as my blood sugars are lower. Doctor is the 21st. I am excited. I am down to 14 units of insulin. Within a few months I will not have to give myself shots anymore.

I want to feel proud, but I am scared. I just past the lowest weight I have been since 2001. I am 15 pounds from Onederland.I am in better shape because pants I fit in then fit the waist but the butt is so baggy I gave them away. the next pair will be the same. so now I will have to shop and find a new brand. Regular sizes are next.

I have to find a new normal. Every Friday I wear my race shirt. It now fits like a normal shirt. A guy was poking fun at it an I explained it was my race shirt. Even though I didn't win that day and I don't have a good chance of winning a 5k because people who actually run are way better. I did win. I finished 5k. 55:01. Beat the 1 hour I was hoping to get close. I won me. I have not stopped. I started training in May. Walking as fast as I could the best I could do was 63 minutes. You know what I did before. I cheered for everyone else. You know what they did. They cheered for me. I was running a whole different race then they were. I was/am trying to get my life and health back.

I have to live in today. I still have a long hard road to travel. I have come a long way. 2+ years. - 53.9 pounds. I don't think I could pick that much weight up. I used to carry that 24/7. If I were to dwell on how long it could take that would be depressing. So just stick to today. String a bunch of good days together. Learn from the bad days and keep moving.

So I will have to settle for cautiously proud and hope I find a way to proud. Thank you Sparkies for reading my blog and thank you for having my back.
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