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Alley Oop

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  So we're advised.  Which frankly isn't always easy.  Or even possible.  Still, it's a useful bit of advice if you view it as an exhortation to make the best of things.  Get your head around the situation and see if you can turn it in your favour [again, not always easy or even possible]. 

I've always been fascinated by house renovations and I think [hope] I have a good instinct for what will or won't work.  I've never had the money to indulge my interest though.  As I couldn't find quite find what I wanted with my move, it was part of my plan that I'd fix a property up and move onward and upwards.  But I was thinking something quite low key.  I didn't expect to land up with quite such a project.  Here I am though.  So I may as well embrace it and indulge my house renovation inclinations.  What are the potential outcomes?

1) I fix it up, sell, and lose money.

2) I fix it up, sell, and break even.

3) I fix it up, sell, and make money.

4) I fix it up, and can't sell.

Even bearing in mind Brexsh!t - 4 is unlikely.  There's always a buyer somewhere.  Besides, I'd still have a roof over my head.  So, 1) 2) or 3) it is.  Lets face it, at least I can have fun along the way.  With that in mind, I've been getting quotes for the various things that need doing.  Atm that is the structural work and getting the electrics checked.  Plus the cost of a new boiler.  I've set myself a challenge of getting this place up and running properly by December so I can have the family here for 'C' word time.  Look at this cavegirl go............


Bright blessings
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