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A Little Lopsided

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

There are still three weeks til we fly out west and I have a routine. If it’s only for a couple of weeks I can put it all together in a day or two. The usual laundry, dusting and clearing up , but we will be gone til January and with no one here to check on taps, or mail we have to hire someone. We have an wonderful Super who does all of this for us... the mail is a huge factor, and as our home insurance specifies, the apartment is checked weekly. This time I will ask him to start the cars as well - mine anyway. My husband is more confident his will start... mine is an old lady, still Looking good but may not be as sprightly as his sporty big motor. But I cannot even think of putting anything in a suitcase until the place is deep cleaned. I want to come home to order...perhaps a few meals in the freezer. I started yesterday with a non toxic approach to my oven...I made a baking soda paste and left it on overnight. Alas, it needed a ton more elbow grease. Now that was an upper body workout. Next the shelves in the fridge... the ones with all the bottles of exotic hot sauces...most needed to be discarded. Then the oven racks- less said about them the better. This is a rental - they choose the appliances and I get to deal with prehistoric stuff. But, ladies and gentlemen, it is done. The linen closet- done. The bathroom tiles- scrubbed... my nails are beaten up, but I feel like I can now tackle my packing - soon, as soon as I gut the spice rack , and packaged items - all going out, or to the food bank. So, as you can see from this frenzy of purging anything that might go bad, or we won’t be needing, I did not actually exercise today—- or did I ? We have two appointment filled days coming up- both at hospital clinics. One department warns us to allow for 3 hours. The other does not, but will be at least as long. Plus traveltime, one hour each way...well, you can see that two days are virtually lost. Follow up appointments. We are grateful nevertheless for our health care. It’s not an ideal situation especially since my favourite pastime is fitness. My husband’s as well. We will fit in as much walking as we can and stretch whenever despite the curious stares of strangers. It works because we make it work. And work it is. Though not a workout.
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