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On fire...

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Good morning.. sooooo a late day, 1 hour conference call turned into 3 hours yesterday so no kickboxing last night.. ugh.. but I did have a really good meeting in NYC early in the day and had a delicious slice of pizza with pesto for lunch. Pasta fagioli was on the docket for dinner. A lot of carbs for me for one day, but Alejandro's class is intense and I burn a LOT of calories and figured the carbs were necessary. I was so frustrated when I couldn't get there and was going to eat something else for dinner, but I haven't had it forever and I really wanted it.. so I ate it.. and it was soooo good.

This morning the scale was up 2 lbs. While I know that is not a real gain, I did not eat thousands of calories yesterday to gain 2lbs, I know it is the effects of the carbs, but the number did hit "the danger zone" and lit a fire under my butt this am.. My workout was just what I needed to release the pent up stress from yesterday and an awesome start to my day..

Speaking of lighting a fire, my Yankees better get going or they're gonna go down in a blaze of glory.. like they say... any given day!

After #cko this morning we stopped at shop rite so it was around sunrise when we walked out of the store. The sky was dreary and dark, filled with ominous clouds. We started driving home and as we rounded a corner and my sister and I could see beyond the fields and the sky was glowing, this color that was so intense orange that we both had the exact same moment of panic.. is that the sun or is that a fire? And if it is a fire, it is in the vicinity of our houses..

Obviously since I am sitting here typing it turned out to be the sun.. There was one strip of clear sky very low that the sun had hit and cast all its glory into a small space that seemed to light up the ground, rather than the sky. I snapped a picture when I got home, which almost captured it, but not quite, it was so spectacular. Shortly after I took it, the sun disappeared completely behind the cloud cover and now appears to be playing peek a boo.. Torrential rains are predicted for later today..

Off to NYC again, this time tonight for a Knicks game in the good seats with the good food.. So I will be mindful of my breakfast and lunch choices and go straight to the seafood and carving stations tonight.. Hubby was going to come but he is still in pain so it will not be enjoyable so my nephew and some friends will be joining me.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.. has your fire gone out? If so, how are you going to relight it?

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