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Having my cake and eating it too!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Good morning friends.. boy yesterday was a wet, windy, weary day.. but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Early morning #cko was on point, had a meeting late am so I was out and about but made it back home before the torrential downpours.. stopped at shoprite to pick up some beef to make stew in the instant pot since hubby felt with his mouth still hurting he would not enjoy the Knicks game and I wanted to be sure I left him with something soft and fulfilling on such a dreary day.

Took the train in with my nephew and his friend.. it was fun watching their faces as we got to our seats, then I led them to the club and their eyes popped like little children and they scattered off in different directions to gather their feast. I did as I always do.. heading to the end, the jumbo shrimp and steak are generally right next to each other and once again I found my thrill.. 2 huge shrimp, some of the Kobe Flat Iron Steak very rare, my way.. skipped the fingerling potatoes.. right next to that salmon with a mustard coleslaw topping and salad so I had some of that. A bottle of water and viola dinner..

We watched the game, I can't watch basketball from home.. it loses my interest, but in person, so much fun and excitement! Pre season so they are still working out the kinks.. Knicks lost.. a lot of new young players on the team, but props to Vince Carter, 42 years old.. making those 3 point shots! Swish!

At half-time back to the club the food is still setup but now there is dessert table.. assorted mousse options.. I went with the white chocolate mousse. It was heavenly. A rapper walked by and both guys were star struck.. the smile on their faces, was priceless. They told me his name twice.. it didn't register. lol

Breakfast yesterday was carrots and a babybel cheese, lunch was an arugula salad with grilled chicken, purple haze cheese (lavender and fennel pollen infused), apples, walnuts, herbs de provence and a lemon vinaigrette dressing.

Those 2 lbs that showed up yesterday, gone today.. and I did NOT "starve" myself to make it happen, I ate normally got my regular activity in and my body did what it is supposed to do, adjust.

I am not on a diet, I live my life, I trust my instincts, I make choices that make good sense.. most of the time.. and those times I do not, I leave in the dust and get back to what I know works.. moderation, thoughtful combinations and physical activity.

I have learned how to have my cake and eat it too! Have an amazing day!

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