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Friday, October 18, 2019

We recognize a favored autumn decoration and food on October 26th that is used in a variety of recipes, competitions, and festivals. It’s National Pumpkin Day!

As a participant of this month’s Aspire & Inspire Buddy Support Group Challenge, we were given an option to blog about Pumpkins for week 3 of the October challenge. Specifically, we were asked the following questions:
 Do you like to eat pumpkin in any form?
 Do you have any good pumpkin recipes?
 Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch?
 Do you decorate with pumpkins?

Eating pumpkin – I love eating pumpkin pie but only have it now at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I usually make my own pie using fresh pumpkin not canned. Around Halloween I will get a few smaller sweeter pumpkins and freeze the pulp. I use that for my pies and add a few raisins to the filling as well. The family seems to like it; there’s usually none left by the end of the holiday. I also like pumpkin bars, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancakes or waffles and of course pumpkin seeds; I’m not a fan of pumpkin soup though. Not that it’s a pumpkin yet but I like eating battered and fried pumpkin blossoms too. Being fried they’re not real healthy but they are delicious.

Pumpkin recipes – I have a cranberry pumpkin bread recipe I like. Seems everyone else likes it too as they don’t last long at the house. Every Christmas I make about 12 of these breads and give them away as Holiday treats to friends, neighbors and family. I like baking but I don’t want it at my house. It helps to give it away as ‘gifts”. It kills 2 birds with one stone in a round-about way.

Pumpkin patch – I’ve never really been to a real pumpkin patch. Around here the pumpkins are generally lined up in a small area by size and you pick which one you want. However, a few years ago, we did grow our won pumpkins in our field. Now that was a real pumpkin patch. It was fun to have your eye on a certain pumpkin only to pick it up and perhaps find the underside rotten or not even orange yet. Strange how the top looked nice and the bottom wasn’t always ‘done’. Most pumpkins were well ripened thought and it was fun really picking them. We had so many we put a them on the road side to sell. We made out pretty good that year…both in the freezer and in our pockets.

Decorating pumpkins – yes, I always decorated pumpkins with the kids. Some we would cut out and others we would color up with markers. Once the pumpkin was cut out, we couldn’t use it to freeze. The inside would get rotten before the holiday was over. But the colored ones we could use to decorate and then freeze the pulp up once Halloween was over.

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