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Goals & Gratitude 10/18/19

Saturday, October 19, 2019

I am finally getting caught up my homework for the week. I have a final term paper due for Import/Export this weekend (class ends Sunday). I worked on it all day. It is supposed to be at least 20 pages long. I have 21.5 pages written. I don't have much left to do, just rewriting one section that doesn't make sense, and then editing for grammar, etc. I hope to have it done and turned in tomorrow morning. After that I have one discussion board, one extra credit assignment, and one quiz to prepare for. I will finish the quiz on Sunday after church.

Remember the group project? It is all done. Person #1 and I did the paper and I edited it and put it all together. I sent it off to Person #3 and she did a fabulous PowerPoint for the project. Really, I am not all that good at doing interesting PowerPoint presentations. Hers is lively with lots of good pictures and a nice layout. It's turned in now and I'm so glad. I informed our professor that Person #4 did nothing for the paper. Her loss!

My sleep has been all over the place. I am finding that I sleep well one or two days in a row, and then I sleep poorly for one or two nights in a row and then this cycle repeats. It's not ideal at all. I slept good about 90% of the time during September and that had dropped to 50% of the time now. I am exhausted most of the time, whether I sleep well or not. I know the cycle will end eventually but it is so tiring waiting it out. I am continuing to take my medication earlier in the hope that it will help.

I lost 2 ounces this week. It's probably just water weight but I recorded it. My scale is still all over the place despite a new battery. I really have no clue what my weight is. I wrote the company (ConAir Scales) but they have yet to respond and I doubt they will. Couldn't find a phone number on their website. I will probably go to Bed Bath & Beyond for a new one this weekend.

I finished four books this week, three audio and one on my Nook. I think it's a record for me! I'm not the world's fastest reader.

Tomorrow's Goals:
1) Finish my term paper and do 2 out of 3 of the smaller assignments.
2) Clean up the living room. I have friend staying over on my couch tomorrow night.
3) Put away the laundry I did today.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) A great team (minus one person) and a finished group project.
2) That I am really close to being done with my final term paper.
3) That the weather was really nice today for walking.
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