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Saturday Happiness

Saturday, October 19, 2019

In my efforts to clear up and clean up before we leave for two months, I have encountered some interesting things. Today our northward facing apartment seemed chilly...and so I decided to use a box of brownie mix. My son will likely take it all home so it seemed a good idea. Well folks, I have lost my magic touch. I didn’t sift the icing sugar, I used a bowl that was way too small and made a chocolate mess, and my sink is full of utensils and cups !!! Why did I not simply send this to the food bank ? Nobody here likes these much anyway, but I thought...clear up and oven heat will take the chill off. Ok. But the oven is slower , than slow, and it took much longer than specified on the infernal package. I promise not to do this again. Ever . I am going to try an interesting homemade tomato soup. That’s more manageable and I have a slew of veg just vegging in my cooler. It’s easy vegan too which is great because I am part vegetarian. Yesterday I tried on my jeans...I found three pair I tucked away at the very back of my closet. It was not a happy hour. The Goodwill on the other hand will be thrilled. Along with these pristine legging style beauties, I have found a half dozen skinny style jerseys that are no longer flattering. They wouldn’t even do in the gym ! Wake up call to do more back ex !!! Truth is, these garments were always snug, but then I also was tighter. Blushing now. I bought items like that thinking they would fit once I lost the last 10 ( ok 12 ) but I will not fall into that trap again. Today, Saturday, is all domestic. I like it ! And I can get things ready for dinner, get some exercise time in as well. The countdown begins this weekend. We want to see everyone before we set out for California. Just a couple of weeks to go. This Tuesday is flu shot day ! That’s the last of the medical dental flurry for me. My husband has only the dermatologist to go but they could not fit me in. It will be February before I get to meet this new specialist. I have heard good things. On to the tomato soup ! This kitchen smells amazing . It’a happy Saturday for me, and I hope for you as well.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well, I love brownies! Especially Ghiradelli ones or the ones with lots of chocolate chips in them. Not good for the body, but good for the soul. I'm glad you're getting ready for your trip. Have fun... Also I am part vegetarian too. Once in a while I will eat chicken though I don't cook chicken. Only when I eat out or there is a party or dinner with chicken. I don't eat red meat and not to fond of fish, although I will eat mahi mahi or other fillet (no bones!).

    I too think that eventually I'll get to fit in my old clothes where I am now about 15-20 pounds more than I would like. Anyhoo... that's how it is when you get older, and indeed I am in that situation.

    Have a great day!
    27 days ago
    I sent a bunch of things to the Diabetes Society this week, including some nice shoes... even my feet have spread! Local shoe-store-man says it's because I go barefoot much of the time at home.

    I'm working on upper arms, back, waist and stomach... weight is coming down, but still bulges everywhere!

    27 days ago
    With you on sorting out your closet...I was ruthless several weeks ago and sorted out mine. While I won’t try on items while shopping, I do once home. A mistake? Instantly goes back. Never again will I keep something that doesn’t quite fit or flatter. Time for me to put into the play the wisdom I’ve garnered over the years. Finally fitting into the piece of clothing has never worked well for me. I forget to remember this. Sigh...no more.

    I love to bake, creating healthier versions of favs is a newer interest. I’ve gotten pretty good...the secret ingredient is always love. Always...last weekend I ordered tomato soup in a ritzy Denver restaurant. A tiny drizzle of olive oil on top was delish...a nice finishing touch.

    Good luck getting everything in before vacation...

    27 days ago
  • 10XPERLB
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    27 days ago
    Glad you've enjoyed your domestic Saturday!
    28 days ago
    Something we all share then, buying clothes for later ... Hubby says you cant change your hip bone size so get what fits... wise man :)

    Love tomato soup ... mmmm

    Looking forward to sharing your getaway in the coming days :)
    28 days ago
    I’ve been purging my closets too. Some of my old smaller clothes fit me, but they were out of style. Like you I have to purge out the food also — I have TJ pumpkin bread mix that is from last year. I need to just donate it.

    Enjoy your tomato soup!
    28 days ago
    you are doing great love tomato soup
    28 days ago
    Having attractive clothes in the closet that don't fit can be a big motivator. I've got quite a few of those at the moment. I've come across people who scoff at the idea of keeping clothes that are too small, but I just can't give up hope about fitting into those things again, though they may be totally out of style when the time comes!

    When I was a child, cake and brownie mixes were new. Before that, everybody had to make everything from scratch. My mother used to buy cake mixes, and I was free to make them when I pleased. Our family was very big on dessert (literally). I was binger even when I was nine years old and making cakes and brownies on the weekend--I would eat far more than my share, not to mention licking all the spoons and bowls in the process. But now the taste of any kind of mix just doesn't do it for me. Homemade is so much better! I haven't baked in a while, though, because, like you, my desire to get into my pretty old clothes has recently gotten a lot stronger.

    I hope you can get everything done before you leave for California. You two are always on the move--that's a great way to stay young and alive!
    28 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/19/2019 6:43:02 PM
    In feeling that way about taking a month off for my knee replacement. Yike! Time is short!
    28 days ago
    Ah lessons learned. Better than repeating the same mistakes again, right! And bonus points for donating the clothes. Someone will get use from them.

    28 days ago
    I have a wardrobe clear-out every autumn, the charity shop gets plenty to work with!

    Hope hubby's last appt goes well..........the countdown continues.
    28 days ago
  • JOANN25
    Don't be embarrassed. You made the right moves to make things better.

    28 days ago
    I blush too when embarrassed, I always thought it would stop when I got older, but no, still blush when I am embarrassed. emoticon
    28 days ago
    Nice to clear-out and donate... p/s add an egg to any cake or brownie mix; so much more moist. I used to also add 1/2 cup of raisins to that brownie mix...I only when bake when I had to bring baked goods to a party etc. emoticon
    28 days ago
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