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Building a fortress, not a tower

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Today, when discussing what weight loss is like, I equated it to building a tower. Maybe because I watch my three year old build towers with her blocks, she puts them one on top of another, very carefully, because she doesn't want them to fall. She gets to 10 blocks, seems steady... keeps going... 15... still standing.... 21 still standing... but whenever she attempts to put that 22nd block on, it all comes tumbling down, and she has to start over.

I realized, this is how I've been attacking my life lately. One block on top of another, trying to do too much each day. If each block is a "successful" day if you will, my block tower makes it to about 10, and then comes tumbling down.

But, what if I was building a fortress instead. With a layer on each square. 16 days equals a square, one goal for 16 days. One goal. Then after my square is complete, and then I build another square on top of it...

Say, first 16 days, I lay my foundation of no junk. I make it for 16 straight days, I have a solid square foundation of no junk. Then I build my next layer, say, exercise 30 minutes each day. Then another layer. And another.

So then, when I mess up, if something falls down, my fortress is not destroyed. Instead, I just have a spot or two I have to replace, or reinforce if you will, because I've build a strong foundation.

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