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Sometimes I just know...

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Good morning friends..woke up and looked out my front window and was greeted with an amazing sky to set the tone for a fabulous day! Got in a lot of activity yesterday, totally balanced out my slug fest Friday.. #cko in the morning, awesome workout provided by Mike Nap.. my sister and I were talking and it's funny in his class I barely hear the music, he plays music, but he talks you through the class and keeps you engaged and entertained. His classes always fly by.. Normally when the instructors talk too much it grates on me, but Mike has definitely perfected his craft.

Came home ate cheerios, lowfat milk and a banana for breakfast. I then went out and ran some errands, I finally mailed the surprise gift I bought for a very special couple, I returned the cute little leopard purse I purchased for the gala the other night that broke, one use and the chain snapped and I stopped in shoprite for cucumbers because I was thinking chicken tzatsiki for lunch.

When I got to the grocery aisle, I realized I was out of apples, so I was checking the inventory and a "new apple" caught by eye.. and the description read, enhance the flavors by pairing it with brie cheese.. from there I went straight to the specialty cheese and grabbed the brie then I thought cranberries, and then I had to have walnuts.. Came home and ran a mile on the tread mill then threw together my lunch rosemary chicken topped with melted brie and an apple/cranberry topping that I had made with a little poultry seasoning and swerve brown sugar and apple cider. It's not my fault.. they said BRIE!!!!

Got ready to head into the city for my dinner with my little sister and we arrived early so we could stop at the Winter Village at Bryant Park.. and for those of you who are thinking it.. yes it is not Thanksgiving yet but those shops get crazy crowded too close to Christmas and the crowds were perfect yesterday and I found two really special gifts there that touched my heart.

We walked into a few stores and there were spices and lotions and such.. and believe me when I say I am NOT cheap.. but those things are mundane and can be ordered anywhere at half the price.. what I will spend my money on freely are those things that I pick up and can't put down.. and as I left with my little brown bag, filled with joy.. My sister and I had this very conversation... she actually brought it up.. and I agreed.. and said as a matter of fact, it didn't matter how much what I bought cost, I knew when I held them, that when they are received, the people who receive them will know exactly what they mean to me and how special they are. And my friends you can't put a price tag on that.

We finally headed to the restaurant.. which I will not name .. as I was not overly impressed. The atmosphere didn't seem welcoming, the food was ok, service ok, but nothing that really screamed excellent customer service, or oh my goodness I have to come back here again... but the purpose of this is to point out things they do really well and things they do not do so well to ensure a better dining experience and value all around. My sister and I both agreed that the best part of the meal for us both was dessert, she had gelato, I had these little fried apple puff things.

Anyway, off to church then the Jets/Giants game with my son.. my hubby and other son bailed, in fact they are done.. my younger son had given up a few years ago when Revis signed with the Patriots and we kept his seat.. my hubby would much rather be hunting, so next year we are only keeping two seats.. My older son and I have a much higher tolerance for pain! 😂🤣😅🏈🏈🏈

Have an amazing day.. I am 100 percent certain I am going to have a tremendous day.. not so sure about my Jets though!

Love to you all!!!!

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