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All is well in Bobbi world tonight...happy face!!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Hello, dear friends of mine!

Well...I faced my fears and discussed them with my grief counselor on the earlier blog I wrote this morning.

She is a grief counselor but she has wise advise about most anything so I ran it by her that I had this 'whole house' estimate I was supposed to do today at 1 p.m. and how my scaredy-cat Bobbi was really rearing its head. I admit it...I wrote my blog this morning to try and figure out the weirdness of this guy that contacted me for help in consigning his household of furniture.

He didn't want to submit pictures which is the normal way I deal with incoming merchandise because he said there were too many items. He also dangled over my head that he had two other houses he would be selling and wanted to find someone with whom he had a good rapport for future endeavors.

I just felt like it was kind of a weird request. But...the fact that he kept emphasizing that he was a doctor over and over was the most offsetting.

So...I stewed and second and third guessed the situation...ran it by a few girlfriends and one in particular just really fed my fears...to the point I almost called and canceled.

I notified several friends of the address, the guy's name, and the time I had the appointment. I told them if they didn't hear from me by such and such a time to call the cops! Yes...I can be mellow dramatic from time to time but single women have to be smart about stuff like this. It really freaked me out thinking that no one would really miss me if I didn't show up at home tonight.

My counselor said it was good to be cautious but if I rolled myself into a frightened ball I wouldn't have a business much longer if I'd never meet people to estimate their houses of furniture. She also led me through an EFT tapping technique that calmed me immensely and one that I will often use when I get myself worked up into a frenzied ball.

As it turns out...the guy's wife was there...why he never mentioned that I'll never know...this one little fact would have saved a full night of tossing and turning and getting all of you all riled up had I known that.

I'm SO happy I did go. This couple is newly married...she is 55 he is 57 and they were both absolutely lovely! They restored my hope that life can be happy again and they kept calling me adorable and punctual and organized and smart....who doesn't enjoy hearing THAT?

The furniture is beautiful...it's on-trend and I know it will be an easy sell if I get the contract. It's 90% sure that I will.

Perhaps another two houses of high-end things will come my way in the future.

If I would have caved into my irrational fears I would have missed this great business opportunity and the chance to meet some beautiful lovely people.

Be smart...but don't be crippled by fear. I have to focus on what I want to bring into my life...not what I fear about it.

Lesson learned and it was a good one.

Thanks for the hand holding...I really appreciate it my friends! emoticon

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