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Then and Now

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Today’s coaching session asked that we blog a list of all the things that are more fun (or easier) about your life now that you're healthier.

First and foremost I am healthier at 65 than I was at 50. I am maintaining that health, BP, AC1, Cholesterol, without medication.

I used to need to stop and rest whenever I walked up stairs. Now I usually take the stairs wherever I can to add steps to my Fitbit.

I used to dread airline seats, I could barely squeeze into them and had to have the seatbelt stretched as far as it would go and it still cut into my belly and I had to have the armrest up so l could sorta ‘flow’ into the seat next to me. Now I have room on both sides of my own seat and can use my armrest and don’t need to adjust the seatbelts.

Food use to be front and center in most of my waking thoughts. Now I track my day, fix the daily food, and let it go. Heck, yesterday I wondered why I felt hungry at work at 6 pm and realized I forgot to eat my lunch. Actually forgetting to eat, whoa, major change.

I disliked clothes shopping because, let’s face it, plus size clothing had way less attractive things to offer. Now, while I still dislike shopping, I can go to any store, pick from a myriad of stylish offerings and not worry about them “fitting” me.

I no longer see the “worst” in every situation. Now I look for the positive, even in negative situations, because it is there. Choosing positivity as my default has really changed my perspective. “Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.” I believe it. I live by it and seek that good, especially in the not so good days.

Finally, I came to realize that being thinner won’t make me any happier. Happiness is internal and you have to choose it at every stage of the journey.

Goal is not some miraculous place where all your troubles melt away and all is ‘sweetness and light’. Goal is a start of the even harder part of my journey. The weight is gone and it’s completely up to me to keep it that way. I chose to be happy at every step of my journey so being at goal will add to that happiness, not create it.

This journey definitely changed my life. However, I am still the SAME person I was. Losing weight made me healthier it didn’t make me a different person. Who you are, who you will be, is all on you. Weight loss makes you thinner, possibly healthier, but it doesn’t change WHO you are…only how you look.

There is more but, hopefully, you get the point of my blog.

Keep moving forward and Spark on.
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