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Making it Through the Holidays & Doing More of What Makes Me Happy!

Friday, November 22, 2019

2019 - Doing More of What Makes Me Happy! I found a lot of things I like more than eating and I've lost 30 pounds this last year. I am focused on losing more weight this fall, so I have a running start in the new year. I have been nutrition tracking all year - it's the magic in weight loss. Currently, I am weighing in daily and before each meal, I remember weight gained in the last weeks of the year can take up to 5 months to take off in 2020!

During the Fall 5% Challenge I lost 6 pounds in 7 weeks, and I am .3 pounds from the 180s. The last weigh-in is a week away. It's the incentive I need to be sipping my breakfast Isofemme Protein Chocolate/Peach Smoothie.

This last week I have been quite busy and need a little time to catch up on everything and get some rest.

1) I missed an important appointment, forgot I had theater tickets and missed the show. I bought those tickets in March, that's how much I wanted to see it! Fortunately, I was able to apologize and reschedule the meeting.

2) Weekly TOPS meetings. I've lost at least 12 of these pounds with TOPS since June.

3) Looking for a new church (my old one closed). Last weekend we went to one and this weekend we will try another.

4) Get together weekly with my friends to play Canasta and have a meal.

5) Since I got my puppy I am easily getting my 10,000 steps a day. The other night I was too tired to go to the 1-hour puppy socialization at the veterinarian's office. It's so much fun to see the puppies running around playing together, and all the pet parents are beaming. I am glad hubby took Rebel when I couldn't. BTW she is now 15 pounds and I have to lift her often. This week I mastered stepping over the baby gate!

6) I am taking weekly cooking classes for weight loss. It's so interesting to see 3 meals prepared during the 1.5-hour demonstration and then to sample it at the end. One week it was breakfast meals, the next week it was dinner. The nutritionist made a meal in an Instapot. I was so impressed when she used the pot to sauté the onions and garlic at the beginning, so it's more versatile than I thought.

She said whether you have time constraints or not, it's a great investment and we should replace our crockpots. There are people in China who use instapots as their only kitchen cooking appliance, no stove, etc. To be honest pressure cookers have always scared me, but I have never used one or seen one used, but I am a convert. The one I will get is electric and has safety features so it will be like using the crockpot. I love my crockpot when I add the ingredients in the morning, forget about it and have this great meal later. It makes me feel like someone else did the work.

7) I am still doing my Duolingo Spanish several times a week.

8) Hubby had oral surgery so I make a point of preparing pureed meals that required little mouth action - big batches of ham/pea soup, jello, mashed cauliflower etc. Last night I made a low carb/cal, very satisfying cauliflower dish. www.asweetpeachef.com/ca

9) Spending time with my active family.

10) Tonight we are going to a concert with my sorority, so I plan to nap later today, so I feel great and am ready for it.

Being active agrees with me, but I do need sleep too. One night I was asleep by 8 PM. I am not eating, so I am not complaining.
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