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A little work respite...what to do...what to do?

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Good morning my dear sparklers!

I'm off work for a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm happy to be off but I need to make a plan of what to do with my lonely self! It's hard when you have always had the love of your life to share vacation time with. What to do...what to do?

I'm blessed to be spending Thanksgiving with our original group of friends. The hostess is such a GREAT cook..it will be a double blessing! Believe me, we have endured some meals with one of the gals from the group that uses 'canned' everything. So as I say having friends is GREAT...but having friends that are GREAT cooks...is...well...greater..h
a..ha! emoticon

I have to spend the bulk of my time doing practical things. Like reviewing all of my zillions of files organizing all of the proof of the illegal foreclosure we have been fighting for the last TEN years.

We have been SO harrassed and SO wronged by the greedy banks who shoved us into foreclosure in SPITE of making TEN approved modified payments that we begged for an entire year to get.

When GMAC took bankruptcy they transferred our loan to the evil empire Ocwen who has the sloppiest paperwork on the face of the earth. By law, they were to continue our modified payments and after 3 perfect payments make them permanent.

Of course, the banks lie...they have lied and fabricated documents and submitted fraud to the court to try and prove their case when all they really have are illegal documents, robo-signed affidavits, forged endorsement stamps, and smoke and mirrors. If they can't find the paperwork they just invent it. Pretty sorrowful world we live in right now isn't it?

Of course, I've been screaming from the mountaintops about this fraud and have proven the graft and mistreatment by digging out copies of the original paperwork from land records in our county courthouse giving proof to the series of lawyers we have had...but guess what...no one is really interested. They just collect their fees, go home to their families and call it a day.

Sooooo...it appears that I once again will have to find a lawyer that will countersue the bank for this horrible injustice and hope that I can convince him with the proof I present to countersue the bank on illegal fraud.

This is the only way I will be able to have a jury trial. If the case can be put before reasonable people that see the hell I and my sweet departed husband have been subjected to all of these many LONG years I might have a chance to win the case and protect our beloved home.

As things stand in FL right now foreclosures only go before a Judge and he makes the decision. I've never been before a Judge so far that isn't owned by the banks. Remember their 401 plans and their retirement are ALL controlled by the banks...yada, yada, yada...it's a totally rigged system against the trusting homeowners that jumped through every flaming hoop the banks put them through...just to find out the bank had NO intention of ever helping them stay in their homes. If the banks are exposed for this massive illegal land grab it will totally wipe out 401k plans and other assets so many wealthy people depend on. Better just to throw the individual hardworking taxpayers under the bus when it was OUR money that bailed the banks out for their greed in the first place.

It's called greed my friends...and in this world, we know it runs rabid. It's actually getting worse, people are so hell-bent on profit that they will and DO sell their humanity (their souls) to get it.

Sooo discouraging! BUT...if I can be one of the stubborn few that continues to fight for my rights against the corruption it might give some hopes to someone else who has been shafted also.

We will see...I'll fight to my last dying breathe that's for sure. The banks do NOT have an easy mark here. emoticon

I'm putting together a very FAT binder with all of the illegal categories the bank has cheated on. It is going to take SOME time to assemble it but I will do it...and pray I find a decent lawyer (at LAST) who will see the gravity of this case and defend me.

I do it because this house is my last link to my now departed and beloved son and my beautiful husband who was very affected by the stress the bank caused us the past 10 years.

I've said it a million times...stress is a killer and we have been bombarded by stress forever.

So every day I'll work on the files and then I'll continue my decluttering and donating of 'stuff'

I'll sprinkle some social interactions in between just to keep my sanity. Maintaining sanity and self-care are my big goals this year.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and treasure your family and friends for the beacons of love they are in your life!

Hugs to all of you!! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I so hope that this nightmare is over soon and you can enjoy your beautiful home without the dark cloud hanging over you. If anyone deserves this, it's you for all of the fight and hard work that you have put forth to keep this treasure. Prayers, my dear friend!
    47 days ago
    I am finally catching up a bit after a whirlwind Thanksgiving. I hope yours was good too. Thanks for the spark goodie of a couple days ago. I feel like I've done nothing but get ready and then undo everything for the last several days.

    Good luck with the house stuff - I know you won't give up!
    58 days ago
    Memories are in the heart with a home. My husband and his sisters sold their parents home after they past away That home held so many beautiful memories for me. Was so very upset when they sold it,but we all had our own homes. Gary & his sisters think the same they told me their memories about their parents are in the their heart not a building made of sticks that can burn up in a second.
    I know they are right ,but I am sentimental with things. I pass their home all the time & there are so many times I have to turn my head it hurts to know I can never go back !!
    What you are doing with your home for the past years would have aged my inner self so bad I know I could not endure all those years. That is who I am .
    I pray you get closure soon & with a fair judge. Have a lovley weekend
    59 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Enjoy your blessings with friends today dear friend..
    60 days ago
    warm hugs my friend,as you navigate this season, and you will because your stronger than you give yourself credit for emoticon emoticon
    60 days ago
    Glad you will be with friends for Thanksgiving. I pray that you will win this battle with the bank and make a change for laws to prevent such things happening!
    60 days ago
    So you are spending today with friends. I'm happy for that and I'm sure you have all your papers in order. I have faith that you will not lose your home, and I'm hopeful that you'll be well-compensated for all the trouble and heartache they have put you through over the years. Amen -- Let it be.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    60 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/28/2019 7:36:40 AM
    God bless you in your effort to save your home and all that
    you and Don worked for all those years. May you have a blessed
    Thanksgiving. HUGS!
    60 days ago
    So sad that this saga continues, as if you don’t have enough on your plate already! emoticon emoticon
    61 days ago
    I can't believe this is still going on Bobbi! How many hours have you spent fighting this? I am so sorry. You do not need all that stress. But you are such a fighter! enjpy your Thanksgiving!
    61 days ago
    61 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Follow your heart, convictions, and instincts....they will not let you down! It is important that you carry on your fight for justice! emoticon
    61 days ago
    You are a true blessing to Spark People. Thank you for writing this blog and sharing yourself. You are truly appreciated for your giving. Please realize you are special and admired for your strong ways of standing on Principle.
    61 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Bobbi, you never give up do you? Not many people would continue this battle for so long. I sure hope you come out the winner in this case.
    61 days ago
    So glad to see your blog. Was worried about you. Sound like you're doing the right thing with your home. Good luck and am glad you will be with your friends for Thanksgiving. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    61 days ago
    Your bank issues sound so familiar, but their forecloser on our land purchases didn't work the way they wanted and instead of making the yearly payment which wasn't due for 3 months yet, we managed just to write them a check and paid them off, exactly what they said we couldn't manage. I never did figure out how a bank can foreclose on a loan that was paid up to date. Every payment had been paid before it was due, and they just decided they wanted the land, but we just made them take the check and kissed their behinds good by. At least the guy that caused all of our problems got his a$$ fired, as we weren't the only ones he did this too. I just hope you can find everything you need and find a young lawyer who has the balls to take on the big bad boys.
    61 days ago
    I've been thinking of you, Bobbie. I know this isn't an easy time. Can't believe you are still battling with the bank over the house. This has been such a tidal wave of stress. During your vacay, start that book you've been meaning to write. Big hug.
    61 days ago
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