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BLC 41 Wrap Up

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

So, today was the last weigh-in for BLC 41. How did I do? Well let’s recap a bit. I went on vacation two weeks after the start. Fun! A two-week cruise from the Netherlands to Portugal (west coast of France with one day in England). I walked a LOT. I chose the stairs for the most part over the elevator (yes, that including up as well as down). Most days I either got over 7,000 steps or 15 active minutes on my Fitbit. I gained 1 pound. Which put me above my starting weight. Sigh. But… I’ve gained 10 pounds before on shorter trips so I’m calling that a win.

When I got home from my cruise, I had the notification from Naturally Slim that I was approved for their program. This is more of a behavior modification nutrition program than a diet. After 58 years I am learning how and when to eat. The program started the last week of my cruise, and then I took two days off after the cruise (DH’s birthday). I started the program 1-1/2 weeks late. Oy!

I am finding this program both easy and hard. In concept it is easy, in practice… well it takes practice. Since I started this program October 2nd, I have lost a total of 7.5 pounds. I am thrilled. I am celebrating (doing the chair boogie while typing this). I am 0.5 pounds away from losing a pound a week. I think my average loss is 0.94 per week. LOL! On top of that I’ve lost 17.5 inches overall (good portion in my hips and thighs). And all I did was start eating differently.

The program? Eat only when at a level 3 hunger. Eat one food at a time. Chew slowly and savor every bite. Use the 10-5-10 timer (eat 10 minutes, rest 5 minutes, eat 10 minutes or until satisfied). Between meals drink H2Orange ™ or water (do not drink your calories). If you cannot eat when at a level 3 use a “hunger saver” to keep from getting to a level 4.

Hunger levels
1. Just ate, nothing appeals, not hungry
2. Those chips or ice cream look good, starting to get hungry
3. That leftover casserole looks delicious, I’m starting to get a headache and can’t concentrate, but can wait for food to cook.
4. I want this and that and oh some of the other, wait I want seconds of everything, I’m “hangry”. I will eat your arm if you get in my way.

Hunger Savers are small portions (like 15 peanuts, 10 almonds, a tsp of peanut butter, 2 peanut butter crackers) that you take 10 minutes to eat, enjoying the tastes and textures in you mouth.

These simple things really work. Others on this program in the last 10 weeks have lost amazing amounts of weight (over 20 pounds in some cases). I however, did not. Am I upset? No. Am I disappointed? No. Why? Well two reasons mainly. First, I know my body and I tend to lose on average 0.25 – 0.5 a week if I’m lucky. And, I made my goal. I chose a modest goal of 4% of my weight. I hit that mark (by a couple of tenths) today. Right on the 10-week mark. I did it! I MET a weight loss goal! I don’t remember the last time I did this. I actually met a goal. This is something to celebrate. Maybe a new top for winter.

Today I set a new goal. I chose another modest 4%. If I can complete this cycle for the year (ending September 2020). I will be BELOW 150 pounds. This will put me in a healthy range for my height / age, overweight on a typical BMI chart. That’s OK. My doctor is good with that and so am I. I will re-evaluate when (almost typed /if but no negatives allowed) I get there. I may decide to try for more, but most likely I will just want to add muscle instead of fat so I’m leaner rather than weighing less.
I am (excited really isn’t the term and neither is determined) hopeful that this new way of thinking about eating/food/exercise is my personal healthy lifestyle that leads to being active and at a healthy weight. What this program (and yes there is a cost involved that my employer is paying, but I understand that many insurance plans will cover the cost as well) is teaching seems to be resonating with me.

After menopause what I had been doing and having success with stopped working. I am involved with several teams, but only one challenge team BLC. Through this one team I am finding my way to better fitness and health. We are starting another round soon (first week of January). This is a team that has competing sub-teams. Each sub-team has a slightly different focus including but not limited to tracking, exercise, eating the right foods, support and more. If you are interested in joining, check out the registration team - Biggest Loser Challenge (The BLC) Registration Team which can help you find out if it will work for you. The challenges run 12 weeks (with a shorter summer session).

The thing is I needed to change my thinking in order to change my life. No food is “bad” or “good” I can eat what I love and what I crave. I just need to be at a level 3 hunger and keep the portions smaller than I had been eating. Even 3 – 5 bites per meal can make a difference. It is working for me and I am eating a LOT of fast and fried foods. I haven’t changed what I’m eating, but how and when I’m eating.

This round I also learned that consistent short exercise sessions are better for my overall health. In November I found a 21-day walking challenge with Leslie Sansone. I decided to shake up my exercise “routine” and do this challenge. I gained weight. At first it was great, but walking videos though use the same motions. After 15 days without a break my ankles started swelling and my started hurting/cramping. This hasn’t happened since I started using You Tube videos. I came to realize that I *need* the variety and the ability to change my planned exercise depending on how my body is feeling.

My goals for the between rounds (yes, I’ve already signed up for BLC 42) is:

1. Eat the Naturally Slim way (including the H2Orange which I’ve found I really like).
2. Exercise daily between 10 – 30 minutes depending on how much time I have and how my body is feeling (30 minutes at least one day a week).

That’s it. My goals in a nutshell for the next 5 weeks.

For those in the USA have a Happy Thanksgiving & a Wonderful Weekend to all!
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    So glad for you that you've found a plan that works for you! emoticon with the weight loss!

    IMO you did really well with the cruise walking so much and gaining only 1 pound.

    emoticon emoticon We are here to support you!
    359 days ago
    Sounds like such a sensible plan. Glad it’s working.
    365 days ago
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