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Today is the day

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I didn’t lose weight this week and in fact gained a pound. I believe this is what Naturally Slim calls *fluff* weight. It is a gain that *should* be easily gotten rid of by following their principles. I did an intense 30 minutes of exercise yesterday between kickboxing and a full body strength video. My thighs and quads are screaming today (good muscle fatigue pain/soreness as opposed to joint pain). Which means I am probably carrying some extra water weight (foods were fairly salty yesterday).

This week DH & I went to Universal Studios to do a “walk around” like we used to go to Disneyland for. It is about the same distance away but is a smaller park with less rides and theming. The price tag is half the price of a Disney annual pass too.

Today I am back on track. I drank my H2Orange and water. I drank less tea. Yea! I exercised before work even though I had to be in early (co-worker on vacation through the end of the year). I posted to two teams I am on. I blogged. The day is good.

NSV List for the week:
1. I wore a t shirt that was too small last year. Sizing was way off for an XL.
2. I wore the t shirt tucked in with a belt.
3. I managed to hit most of my personal goals last week, while on a mini vacation.

Lessons Learned:
1. I need to be more conscious of portion sizes.
2. I feel better when I exercise daily for shorter periods.
3. I like H2Orange. I need to drink it consistently in the mornings.
4. Listening to my body is hard, I’ve ignored it for so long I don’t think it’s even whispering what it needs any more.
5. Eating slower = eating less.
6. Eating only when truly hungry (level 3) is tricky. I am still figuring out the signals. Some are very subtle, and I don’t notice them (until after I eat, and they go away ie a low-grade headache or being “crabby” or jittery).
7. I can listen to my body and not eat after dinner snacks, even when tired.
8. Ice cream is hazardous to my waistline.
9. I stay on track better when I have a schedule.
10. My natural sleep time seems to be from 10 – 11 pm to 7 – 8 AM. My (and my husband’s) work schedule has me up with a 5 AM alarm.

What have you done today or during the past week to make you feel proud?

Have a wonderful week before Christmas!
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