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lessons learned from Mary and Joseph

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The story of the birth of Jesus is a magical one. A 14 year old child (and some concordances say as young as 12) who is a virgin. Her husband, who thought that he would quietly divorce Mary to save her from shame, is told by an angel to trust his wife when she says she has not been unfaithful... and to name the baby Jesus. And call his name, Emmanuel, which means, "God is with us".

The long trip as Mary goes into labor, looking for a place to have MY KING.

Along the way, there are obstacles.
Along the way in everyone's life.... there are obstacles.

Here's what I have learned.

Listen to your heart. For Joseph, that voice was an angel sent by God. For us? It may be that place in your gut where you know that you know that you KNOW when something is good for you and something is not. LISTEN TO THAT VOICE. I call it the Holy Spirit. You call it anything you want. Call it intuition. Call it the Universe. But CALL IT SOMETHING, and listen with all your might for it.

Will it be easy? Probably not. But little in life that comes easily, is as rich in its abundance as something you have to truly FIGHT FOR.

Don't let the other's judgments tell you who you are.

Mary KNEW that she was pure. Mary KNEW that it was God through the Holy Spirit who planted the seed that would be Jesus in her belly. Was she scared? Dang right she was scared. But almost immediately she soldiered on. Because she had hope that what was meant to be was the BEST to be.

And that is something that I am trying to learn too.

Losing weight, compared to Mary having Jesus, seems so trivial as almost laughable. But this is one of my real life problems. Food has been my vice, my parent, my lover and best friend. I have listened to judgments about my weight for decades, and it did its damage. I binged and binged until I almost can't binge again... though my memories still insist that it is "so much fun".

I have lost hope a million times.

And I soldier on. And I have won many, many battles with myself this past year!

A baby was born. He changed my world. If for no other reason than my weight loss being one more reason for which I can brightly shine my own light... not with ego but with a spirit of, "I give God all the glory"..... then my "struggle" is worth it.

Your struggle is worth it.
You are worth it.

Merry Christmas.

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