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Free Candy Canes!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

I’ve been able to avoid going into the hospital for treatment on Christmas for years now. It was inevitable. They got me. Like a fluffy kitty. Or a feathery macaw? Whatever appeals to you.

I can’t complain. The doctors and nursing staff are missing out on the holidays with their family and friends as well.

This timing is slightly different though. Construction was finally finished on the new hospital next door. All of my old nurses have been transferred to the sparkly new hospital. The chronic pain patients and rare disease patients would remain in the old hospital building for the time being [including myself]. Hazard lights lit up in my brain: You don’t know any of these new staff!

I’ve made some nurse pals since I’ve been coming into the hospital for several years at this point. So I packed a bunch of candy canes in my bag. I reminded myself that I was a Chatty Cathy and I would just be broadening my horizons.

A wave came over me as my friend wheeled me to the reception area. I gasped and said aloud, “oh my gosh, I recall this feeling. I remember it well!“. He slowed my wheelchair down. “What are you talking about?” I looked at him and said, “This is the first day of junior high all over again and I don’t know anybody.” He just laughed at me.
And then I reminded myself that I’ve got a big mouth. And that bag of ‘welcome’ candy canes. And this was not a hotel! I was here for painful necessary treatment! Get over yourself lady.

I’ll be meeting with a new physical therapist, new wound care staff, new nursing staff, etc. They will all see me barfy and sick. That was just my vanity earlier and that’s silly.
Let’s get this body in a better state so I can be more active. Biceps be very afraid! Oh, and candy canes for all of you newbies taking care of me, hee.

‘Nuff Said.


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