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Work Decision/Rant

Monday, January 13, 2020

Sheriff Dept took over 911 effective Jan 1. They infiltrated 2 wks early in Dec. It was bad but as of Jan 1 their dispatchers started giving us orders & just sat on their behinds with their noses stuck in their phones. Most orders completely ridiculous-stop what you're doing on 911 call to type into their radio log or another log, move to position 2 1/2 way thru a shift (with tons of calls up on you're screen you have to complete) just so if a hit confirmation request should come in you can learn how to do it. I did LE dispatch for almost 33 yrs. I know how to do it. I haven't followed their orders yet. My opinion is fire me for thinking 911 calls are more important. I'd really like to call State Patrol (they control LEADS) SO is in violation of many LEADS policies & it can be be reported anonymously & since I was TAC officer for PD when state patrol created it I'm very aware of violations that they deliberately refuse to adhere to. It would create more work for current 911 employees so I don't. I am still dedicated to them even if I'm not to the SO. I've only had 3 shifts since the 1st. Can't remember 1st one. 2nd shift on the 4th I packed all my stuff out of locker, but had cooled by end of shift so it got put back in. I may have cooled to not just quit but I stewed til the 8th & decided I would apply for position I see about every 3 months that I've always wanted to do & be good at in library. 3rd shift on 10th I packed everything out of of my locker & did bring it home. My intention is to complete the shifts I am signed up for thru the end of Feb. First part of Feb I'm going to apply at Little Caesars. I have 2 neighbors who work there tried to get me to apply last fall when this started & I said I was going to give it a try. Tried to get me to apply yesterday but I said I wanted to finish my shifts. Big cut in pay $10, but my budget shows I can handle it. Complaint to director does no good-I just get I don't want to hear any complaints. Although 1 did go somewhere. Courthouse employees who forget their key hit a button & SO buzzes them in. I asked their dispatcher how they ID themselves-they don't & I said so you just buzz anyone in even if they stand there with assault rifle-well we can't see them. We now have monitors, voice intercom, & list of all employees #s & name. I'm beyond the point of even being willing to file a grievance. Last two shifts 8 hrs each no lunch break, did manage to run to restroom couple times, and drink couple bottles of water. No time to even grab spoon of PB. The 911 full time employees have been calling off sick left & right & I knew this would happen. I have been having severe stress headaches since mid Dec. Exercise is supposed to be good for stress. Lately I do it out of pure rage & the determination that I am not letting this change destroy all my hard work so I'd hate to see myself if I wasn't exercising. Mom has seen the change in me even though I don't talk about it, but I always appear angry. I'm done with my rant about work. This has been building since August & since I now no longer care if I keep my job I have to get it out.
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    I don't understand a lot of what your wrote, but I sure get the gist of it! My fitness tracker shows me that my stress levels are too high on work days............ I'm close to retirement so have that get-out option not far ahead. I really feel for you. I work in social care - similar in some ways to you in that we are dealing with people and needing to respond quickly and efficiently. When work systems and cut-backs make it impossible to do, then the work becomes very stressful.

    I really hope you find another job as you have planned. Go for it!
    363 days ago
    I really pray you find a new job where you will be appreciated more. Everyone deserves that. I know it will be a cut in pay but maybe the pizza place will be good. I too am searching for a new job.
    371 days ago
    Wow! Little Caesars will probably be a great place to destress for awhile. You can always try to find something that pays more later.
    371 days ago
    Wow! I'm glad that I don't live where you are and have a need for 911 emergency assistance. It does sound as though things are VERY poorly run there!
    372 days ago
    Bless you Honey I really hope the dept gets priority right for employees and callers. God bless your new path.
    372 days ago
    Good luck at Little Caesars. I hope it works out. Your current job sounds extremely stressful. emoticon
    372 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    372 days ago
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