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Monday, January 13, 2020

emoticon I know a title like this makes you think you will be reading about how I finally reached my goal weight. I actually did reach my goal, but blog is about the amazing success I have experienced as a writer.

I had two books published in 2018. It took me about 4-1/2 months to complete both of them; one a true story, the other the first of a series on FBI crimes. They were published 10-1-18 and 10-15-18, respectively. I was very disappointed when my first royalty check was received in early 2019 as it was only $20.66 (I felt, or knew, I was being cheated).

By this time I had spent quite a lot of money for publishing. It's cheap to publish, but the media and advertising can make a big dent in your bank account. And as I had suspected, the Publisher I had chosen was more or less a scam. But I chalked it up to experience and continued to write. Lots more money was spent in 2019 without much of a return on my investment. But I knew my name was getting out there and I prayed for the best.

When the new year started, the very first week was phenomenal. I had a call from a Producer who was interested in my first book (the non-fiction one) and he wanted to make it into a movie. It's lucky he had to go through my Literary Agent, as I probably would have taken the first amount that was offered. And even at that I would have thought it was a tremendous amount of money to earn all at one time. But they did go through my agent, and told her they were willing to pay $500,000 (which would have caused me to jump up and down). But my agent was not impressed and she told them, "this book is worth much more than that, we want at least $800,000." And they accepted! When I heard that news I was so excited, I thought I must be dreaming. I haven't woke up from that dream as yet, so I guess it's true.

It does take a while to go through a big-budget movie, deciding on Directors, Actors and Actresses, and how much traveling will have to be done. With all of that they said it will be toward the end of April before I actually get any money, and that's OK. In the meantime I keep pinching myself to see if it's a dream, and I am excited beyond words!

Book Title: "Endless Days" by Jayne McGregor, available on Amazon or evedelange.com

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