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01/16/20 Search for Beauty

Thursday, January 16, 2020

"I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it." Tyler Kent Whit

Much like his old truck, a plugger himself has been "refurbished." High and low beam "headlight" (bifocals). Valve job (heart). Security system (suspenders). Joint replacement (knee). New treads (walking shoes).

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"Nobel who?"
"No bell that's why I knocked."


It's Religious Freedom Day! A day to think about how we are given the freedom to follow our own faith of our heart and not have it dictated to us by others or by the government.
--Appreciate a Dragon Day: today celebrates the dragons in literature and media such as "Dragonspell" and "The Hobbit"; from checkiday: "Dragons are mythological lizard or snake-like monsters, often depicted as breathing fire, and having large wings and barbed tails. Some are also depicted as having multiple heads. Their name comes from the Greek word "drak┼Źn," which was a name for giant sea serpents. Particularly in the Middle East, and largely in the Greek and Roman worlds, dragons have historically been portrayed as being evil, although the latter two groups have ascribed some positive characteristics to them. In the Far East, such as in China and Japan, dragons have largely been looked on positively. In China, a dragon called "lung" had positive attributes and represented the yang of yin and yang. A dragon was the emblem of the imperial family and was on the Chinese flag for a time. Throughout history, dragons have also been used as warlike emblems, appearing on shields and ships."
--Book Publishers Day: today celebrates all the publishers and their staff who work so hard to get the written out to us.
--Get to Know Your Customers Day: this holiday is held once a quarter, the 3rd Thursday of January, April, July and October; due to electronic communications, businesses don't have the same connections to customers as before; today is to strengthen relationships between seller/buyer and business to customer.
--International Hot and Spicy Food Day: today salutes so many kinds of peppers and spices that add heat to our meals and have high capsaicin content; some data suggests capsaicin is good for your health, the hotter, the better; what's your favorite form of hot?
--National Fig Newton Day: a salute to a special cookie; although Nabisco has the trademark for the fig newton, the first form of fruit paste in a cake-like shell was in 1892; figs originated in Asia Minor and fig rolls were created in ancient Egypt; the Spaniards brought figs to the Western Hemisphere in the 1500's.
--National Nothing Day: today was created to protest the proliferation of special days; it was started to give us one holiday to sit without celebrating, observing, or honoring anything but since we don't have any days without holidays, that may be a little hard to do.
--National Quinoa Day: today is a salute to a super-grain that is high in fiber and is a source of high-quality protein; the grain originated in the Andean region of northwestern South America.
--National Without a Scalpel Day: today raise awareness about the value of Minimally Invasive Image-guided Procedures (MIIPs); the first MIIP, an angioplasty, was performed on this day in 1964 by Dr. Charles Dotter; this angioplasty opened a blocked blood vessel, allowing the patient to avoid leg amputation surgery and she left the hospital days later with only a Band-Aid.
--Prohibition Remembrance Day: today commemorates the ratification of the 18th amendment in 1919 that prohibited all forms of alcohol, going into effect the following year and continued for almost 14 years.
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