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01/20/20 Better

Monday, January 20, 2020

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." Jim Rohn

"When people suck the life out of you, wouldn't it be great if they sucked some fat, too?"

Two guys are driving down 5th Avenue in Manhattan when they come up to a red light. The guy driving slams the gas pedal and they go zooming past the red light. His friend looks at him and says, "Hey, you just went through a red light." The guy driving says, "Don't worry about it. My brother does it all the time." So they keep driving and they come to a second red light. The guy driving slams on the gas pedal and zooms past another red light. His friend is pretty mad, looks at him and says, "Hey man, you just went through another red light. What the heck are you doing?" The guy driving tells his friend, "Don't worry about it. My brother does this all the time." They come to a third red light and the guy driving slams on the gas, zooming past the red light. His friend starts screaming at him, "What the heck? You're going to get us killed! Pull over and let me out." The guy driving screams back at him, "I'm telling you: don't worry about it. My brother, he does it all the time." So they keep driving and they come to a green light. The guy driving slams on the brakes. His friend looks at him and says, "Are you out of your mind? What the heck is wrong with you? You go flying past three red lights, almost getting us killed, and then you slam on the brakes when you have a green light?" The guy driving looks at his friend and says, "I had to stop; my brother might have been coming."


It's National Day of Service! This day is to volunteer and give of your time and skills, so make it a day on, not a day off. Today was created as tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. who we honor today for his dedicated service for civil rights.
--Blue Monday: observed on the 3rd Monday of January; the 3rd Monday of January is said to be the gloomiest day of the year as Christmas bills come due, resolutions are being broken, and the winter seems so dreary after the lights of Christmas; treat yourself with care today and find a fun activity with the family.
--Camcorder Day: a salute to an item that has changed so much over the years but still has our history; did you grow up with a camcorder in the family?; then, you've sat through a lot of home movies; today honors videography of all varieties, home to pro.
--Elementary School Teacher Day: observed on the 3rd Monday; a salute to a very special teacher; all teachers are important, but the elementary teachers play such a pivotal role in laying down the foundation of reading and writing skills of our kids; do you have a favorite elementary teacher?; mine was Mrs. Moore in the 3rd grade (she adored me but my younger brother was such a stinker, she'd ask "Are you really Susan's brother? He still teases me about it.)
--International Day of Acceptance: this day is to encourage acceptance of all people with all abilities; look beneath the surface and see what they can really do; this day has a lovely background story, so from checkiday: "International Day of Acceptance is devoted to bringing about the social acceptance of disability and carries on the spirit of Annie Hopkins. Growing up, Annie viewed the world around her as putting limits on what she could do and who she could become, and she saw people with disabilities, like her, as facing discrimination. She realized the expectations people had for her didn't include her living alone or pursuing higher education, and she knew that strangers who passed her by thought more about her disability and her life expectancy than they did of her as a person. As Annie matured, she pushed the boundaries of what was expected of her. She won talent shows in high school and forced the hand of her college campus to build ramps at 40 sorority houses so that she could participate in rush week. After college, she created YouTube videos that were educational yet brimming humor, which highlighted how she took on her challenges. In 2007, along with her brother Stevie, she started 3E Love, a business designed to educate, embrace, and empower people. She also created the Wheelchair Heart symbol, which is meant to unite people of all abilities and start conversations that help change attitudes. On January 20, 2009, Annie passed away from complications during a simple medical procedure. Her brother continued her work in her honor."
--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: observed on the 3rd Monday of January; today is the federal holiday that honors the legacy of the civil rights leader who gave so much and dedicated his life to equality and justice; he gave so much and inspired so many.
--National Buttercrunch Day: a salute to a yummy type of candy, made up of butter and brown sugar, boiled to a hard ball stage and vanilla and baking soda added at the last minute.
--National Cheese Lovers Day: ooh, my type of day; whatever is your favorite kind of cheese, this is your day; there are over 900 types of cheeses and the average person eats 31 pounds a year.
--National Disc Jockey Day: the day was originated to honor Alan Freed, "Moondog", a 50's DJ who coined the phrase rock and roll; we honor all DJ's whether on the radio, at the dance hall, or a wedding reception--they keep the music going.
--Penguin Awareness Day: today is to raise awareness of the hazards to the penguin habitats due to human activity and climate change; there are 18 species of penguin and 5 are considered endangered and facing extinction.
--Take a Walk Outdoors Day: a day to get us away from the computers and screens; take time to go outside and get some fresh air, even if it's nippy.
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