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Wonderful Wordy Wednesday !!! Still thinking out loud here .. bear with me !!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)


I wonder if I will get these goals right ??? Yup -- still trying ... it's going to take awhile .. You'll be able to tell when I'm starting to get it, when the subject starts to dwindle .. (either that or I've given up .. lol )

Yesterday was a fun day .. the machines stunk, but just getting out, and I literally got my steps walking around the casino, and lunch ... it was a good day .. by the time I got in bed last night, I was exhausted, and fell asleep sound until 4 this morning ..

It was a challenge yesterday .. I had to pull out all the stops .. This is just like a drug addiction, (just not as dangerous), but you have to go through the worst before you get the best ... So .. since I'm working (and working hard) to get my body into the routine, I've pulled out everything I know in my repit ... repat ... repitouar ... repituar .... oh heck NOTES !! and have tried to work with them ...

1-do you want sweets, or are you just thirsty (usually used for cravings .. thirst and hunger disguise themselves as one another) have been drinking multi bottles of water ... (even trying to cut back on my diet soda which was sneaking up there as well)

2-will fruit help the sweet cravings ?? Fruit seems to make my hunger grow .. an apple doesn't have the same filling and satisfying qualities of cookies, and candy .. but we tried it .. and it took alot of after willpower to stop after my apple ..

3-keep my hands busy .. Okay --- I started a new project in my playroom, that I have been planning and afraid to start .. because it's a direction I haven't gone in YEARS !!! But I started it after we got home from the casino .. and so far so good ... :) but it gets my hands dirty, and well .. can't have snacks with dirty hands .. lol lol lol .. but my eyes started getting tired, and I was so engrossed in what I was doing, that I was hunched over my desk; and my back started to hurt .. so before I messed it up .. I thought I would stop .. while I have set myself a time limit .. I don't want to push myself, because then I may as well scrap the project .. lol lol lol ...

4-EXERCISE ... I had gotten my steps, and was very proud of that .. I was thinking of what else I could do, because my project .. the back of my mind, was "gummibears, chocolate, jellybeans, chocolate, cookies" .. Exercise (normally taking a walk outside and away from the temptations works best), but that was not an option yesterday ... so I went downstairs to empty the dishwasher from the night before ... only hitch with that is "working in the kitchen" ... lol .. but hubby offered to play a round of "goofy golf" .... and well ... while I can't usually turn down an offer for regular golf, goofy golf, is definately a GOTTA DO ... so that solved that problem .. After we finished ... I could sit down, drink a BIG glass of water .. (I use one of my old soda cups from Kwik Trip and it holds 1 1/2 bottles of water, and I can drink with a straw .. (makes it taste so much better .. lol) ) and the cravings were curbed for the time being ..

So -- the top 4 I used yesterday ... it was a challenge .. plus I was tired by the time we got home from the casino .. which causes MORE problems, because when I'm tired, I want sugar ..

Now was I tired because of being active yesterday morning to early afternoon, or was I tired, because I'm draining sugar energy from my system ..Hmmmmmmmmm??????

Yesterday at lunch I was happy with myself .. It was my big meal of the day, and I didn't need a glucose tablet at the normal 10:00ish .. WOOHOO !!!! (little successes are just as good as the big ones ...lol)

I started out with a big plate of salad, with lettuce, tomato slices, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, bacon, corn, peas, and ranch dressing .. with a slice of cheese toast ..

From there, I had a plate consisting thank you portions of KimChi rice with beef stirfry gravy, spring rolls, gnochhi, asian string beans, and 3 clams in the shells ..

and yes ... I had dessert .. *sigh* .. BUT ... I had angel food cake slices (looked for 2 of the smallest slices), strawberries, and a dab of whipped cream, and then I found a sugar free chocolate brownie ..

Sooooo I did have my dessert, which may or may not have been what kicked off my want for sugar (when it was so plentiful) when I got home .. nothing was working .. not even my apple .. I wasn't hungry when I had my apple, but the sugar cravings were so strong, I needed something .. We had bananas and apples .. I chose apples because it was sweeter, and it was bigger, and would last me longer ...

As you can see .. yesterday was a bit of a struggle, but I slept sound all night .. (no doorbells .. lol) ... I have not told hubby of my "challenge" and have just said "no thankyou" when he offers .. The challenge really goes to another level, if I say something .. because then he goes out of his way to watchdog everything I do .. (until I get frustrated) .. He means well .. but it's just not something I need .. so this is where I have to post my feelings .. Please be patient with me... As this gets easier, I won't have to "talk your ears off" talking this out so it's clear in my head .. and that way I can move forward ... ..

Today .. today is spending the day with mom .. taking her to the doctor .. She was diagnosed a couple years ago, with macular degeneration, and she finally got a name from her primary doctor regarding someone she could go to .. I think it's been too long for any reversal, but I could be wrong .. This is a whole new subject, and well .. while I understand what it is .. I don't know enough about it .. Her main concern is that her good eye will start to go bad .. ??? So ... today will be a nervous learning curve .. and at the same time .. my brother will be there, and possibly my SIL .. ??? I want my brother there, 1-for MY moral support, and 2-because he IS my brother and he should know what's going on as well .. because I'm a bit nervous .. (usually happens when I go into a new territory .. *sigh* )

Afterward we're heading out to lunch .. probably our favorite restaurant .. so it's going to be a long day ... not sure of my stepping ..

Tomorrow, unless I get up early early .. hubby and I have an appointment to go to .. I goofed, and did something out of panic .. now hubby is fixing it for me .. lol lol lol ...

So --- life has kicked into mega overdrive here .. between my personal challenges for myself, social life, projects, mom, appointments .. OOOEEEEIIIII !!!!! (but loving it !!! I'm getting really used to this really retirement thing .. lol)

Okay -- I'll stop ... lol lol lol ..

Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY !!!! I'm going to have one !!!!

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