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Thursday Thoughts - yoga, rewards, a party

Thursday, January 23, 2020

I'm very happy to say that I got those reports done yesterday - mailed them out and dusted my hands. They weren't that hard to do and there are many ways they will be easier to do next year - when it won't be my responsibility to actually DO them - merely to see they are done. Turns out - this is the job of the Vice-President. I am sure I read that in the handbook - I just forgot. There will be a better process in place next year - and more training up front.

I'm not always a come-to-completion kind of girl, but one area where I AM is when I am required to do a chore set by someone else. If it's not my personal passionate goal - where completion actually means something I love is over and done with - I like to tick it off a list. Also if it's not my personal passionate goal - I am likely to procrastinate it because I don't want to do it - not because I want to pet it and caress it and coddle it. Thus - when I complete a task I've agreed to do, but don't love, I'm probably gong to feel like rewarding myself. It was SOOOO tempting to reward myself with SUGAR yesterday when I went to the post office to mail off those reports. There are only 2 commercial buildings at the PO crossroads and one of them is a convenience store - that sells CHEETOS and Little Debbie Snack Cakes and Diet Pepsi - and yes - I did stop in there. I am proud to say that I wandered the aisles and did NOT purchase either of the first 2 (DH had asked for a soda). And it was as I was deciding that Cheetos didn't need to come home with me that I realized there is something I did want and even need and had found on sale on-line - so when I got home I ordered a replacement for my ubiquitous red fleece vest - the one that's been washed so many times it's gotten pilled and even a little stiff. It's definitely not the pleasure to put on that it was.

So, not only am I pleased with myself for finishing the reports but I am pleased with myself for rewarding myself with something appropriate. A definite two-fer!

I've been indulging in yoga these days. The only place I can work out following a dvd is in the den - my future bedroom - with its French Doors that lead out to the new patio and brick walkway to the studio. Such a pretty view outside the door. But all last year there were workmen trudging back and forth outside that glass partition and ... I just never wanted to be exposed that way. It got easier and easier to put off the workouts and eventually I just stopped doing them. Flaccid muscles was the result - in particular the little ones around my ankles and hips and back. My balance is not what it should be. I don't notice it unless I try to stand on one foot - but then I can tell. And I don't like it. I've been doing assorted yoga routines since Christmas and yesterday I did a Flow routine with Rodney Yee. Oh My. I can feel every area that was needing a workout today - the muscles at the top of my buttocks, the ones around my ankles - the little ones that usually just ride along with the big guys on a hike or walk. Better yet - I did this routine just before lunch and I don't believe a green salad and turkey sandwich ever tasted as good. I was so mellow. So relaxed. I ate slowly. Each bite got attention. I sat up as straight as an arrow and it felt relaxing! I've now decided that for the foreseeable future - yoga will be done just before either lunch or dinner. Wow.

We've been having some mighty cold days this week. Sun - but cold and wind. My DiL had planned an outdoor birthday party for DaP but Tuesday in never got out of the 30's so she postponed it till today - when we are promised little to no wind and temps closer to 50. Truth is - I don't think much of toddler birthday parties. They are too young to really grasp the courtesies of gift giving and receiving. And in the case of DaP - with a birthday a scant 4 weeks after Christmas - I think it's gift overload. Play dates with cupcakes - yes - but I wonder if DaP - who only opened one of her gifts from her parents - is actually going to enjoy having to open an assortment of gifts.

Well - we shall see, because I am going to be the entertainment today - a puppet show story time. It's so nice to have a librarian in the family, no? And as for how I would do things - well - of course I think I am always right and my way is better - but I know I'm full of beans. There are LOTS of good ways to do things and if one way doesn't work one can always do something different next year. And any time spent with DaP is time well spent.

Thursday morning thoughts as I sip my morning coffee. May you all have wonderful rewards and gifts and may your way always be the best way.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You’ve inspired me. I have been spending time on the new rescue dog in the mornings this week and still putting off workouts, although I am pedalling. I must get back to the weights and resistance bands, regardless of the dogs...
    21 days ago
    My amazingly wonderful DIL goes WAY overboard for birthdays so I have stepped way down on my gifts...I have made a birthday photo book for each of them every year, which they love (my brilliant guy suggested that I make an extra copy each time to save for when they are grownups, which I do) and one toy and one book.
    Ever think of freelancing as a storyteller for toddler b-day parties?
    27 days ago
    A red vest! What a great reward! You will look smashing in it as you walk the trails!
    28 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    28 days ago
    You did great! emoticon Congrats on getting the report done and navigating the convenience store! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    28 days ago
    Ahhhh, new red fleece vest -- a much more enduring reward and you'll congratulate yourself every time you put it on!!

    Yoga makes me feel good too . . . stretch/balance has to be the most important part of my day!!!
    28 days ago
    Good for you for avoiding the sugar and the Cheetos emoticon I hope you had fun at the birthday party!!
    28 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Lots of positive thoughts in your blog today. Report done...awesome. No treats at the convenience store...another awesome. The big reward all way around is you got your new red vest. I would say that is a productive day.
    You gotta love how yoga makes you feel.
    28 days ago
    Good job winning the battle at the convenience store! Sometimes sanity kicks in.
    29 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Good Job! Great job at the store passing all of those goodies up. Yeah you! emoticon emoticon
    29 days ago
    OH NO! NOT . . . . LDSC’s again! Go you for ordering a red fleece vest! I have had 2 red fleece zip ups for-ever! Wearing out and cannot find red! UNTIL . . . perused Amazon . . . again . . . and there it was! A red full zip up fleece jacket!!!! WAHOO! Ordered it and it came yesterday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    I think you’re right about diminished enjoyment for DaP opening MORE gifts so soon after Christmas. They can certainl go on overload! OH have fun doing the puppet show story time! FUN!

    Hope it’s a wonderful day.

    Glad that report is off the books and . . . someone else’s task next year. PHEW.


    29 days ago
    Coming down from the highs of marrying son #3, reading your blog was a sweet reward. Thanks, chica. I’ve barely been sparking this past week, so I’m not up to speed on the reports. Huge YaYs for completing and mailing them. I certainly can relate to your reaction to having something to be done that wasn’t what you’d anticipated. Cheers for your successor, your revisions and clarifications will be tremendous wins for them.

    Yoga, yes please. Strength in stillness, strengthening one’s core and resolve while flexing your strong. Amen! Having others in your home does make actually living there rather interesting and uncomfortable at times. My workout place is a triangle shaped space in my family room. The hardwood floors are a must. I stow and go. Guests in the house make working out a challenge at times. Not good, they keep me sane. Could a corner in your studio be your backup? I wish I had one...

    Party on. Your puppet show is the sweetest gift you can give. Millennials are all about the experiential, you’ve nailed this one. She’s the gift, you already know this. Memory making with your precious ones, nothing finer. Soak it all in, chica.
    29 days ago
    Great job all the best to all of you.
    29 days ago
    I love my yoga but have also let it slip. Need to make it a priority again. FYI: I totally agree about toddler birthday parties. Too overwhelming for guests and host/hostess. Nobody understands what’s going on and i’ve rarely seen it be enjoyable for adults. However, I am old and also full of beans!
    29 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Good job and may today be a great day for you! emoticon
    29 days ago
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