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January 23rd~ Nice Day

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Once a month a group that used to work together in the ICU meet for a lunch, today was the day! Lots of catching up , chatting and general visiting. We stayed way longer than anyone else, our poor waitress was cleaning up all around us...but we made sure she got a good tip, so not feeling real bad about clogging up the table. Place was almost empty by then..so we were not keeping anyone from being seated.
It was past the pups dinner time when I got home and they let me know about it! A general howl of greeting ,,then the supper dance was done. I wish I could post a video of Daisy. She does circles around my kitchen island , with her little claws sounding like castinettes . Then as I bring the dishes over to their area, yes each of them has a "place" that is just theirs! She does this lil double time dance while spinning in little circles. That girl does love her food!
A light supper after a larger midday meal and my evening began. Got a nice fire going since it cooled down as soon as the sun began to drop over the mountain tops. Then out to close up critters. I realized I needed to check for eggs, they don't do well if they freeze over night! But all the hens were roosted , one of the big red fluffy butts on the nest , of course! She is one of the ones that doesn't peck, but also doesn't move! So I am out there in the less than twilight fetching around under a hen that is growling at me to find eggs, hee hee! Found 6, so worth the search! As soon as I got my hand out from under her I could see her settle down and fluff up for the night, happy once again with her lil world!
Some throw the ball time with Molly. She has learned that right before we close up for the night she gets her play time. Plus she is learning not only to fetch the ball but when we are done she carries it into the all weather room where I keep it. She drops it in front of me then marches over to the door to go with ..kind of a "I did my part" now let's go in attitude!
Time to tuck a night time log in and call this day done! Nite ya'al !!
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