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Freezy Friday !!!! Yesterday SUCCESS !! Overtired, but didn't turn to sugar !!! YAY ME !!!!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Freezy Friday !!!!!

Yesterday was another weird day .. but I was amazingly GOOD !!!!!

We had our financial meeting with my financial guys, and hubby ... something went amiss in our employment end / business closing tranfers .. and well .. hubby wanted to get it fixed.. (so did I .. lol) so we had that meeting in mid morning .. :)

I ran into a personal challenge yesterday .. with only eating dinner on Wednesday ... My brain chimed in .. "you're gonna be so hungry today" ... "you have to make sure you have enough to eat" ... "you will STARVE!!!" .... Boy .. the brain can sure go into panic mode quick ... lol lol lol ..

So -- the other half of my brain worked hard on calming the panic half down .. "don't worry .. do you know that the human body can go up to 3 weeks without food .. (as long as you continue your liquids) where no liquids can only be sustained for about a week .... just one day is NOT going to cause any problems" ... "you will NOT starve" ....

My biggest concern was I was tired .. I was tired from the day before; and I was tired because the night sleep was well .. sporatic .... When I'm tired .. the first thing I want is SUGAR ... in the form of candy; cookies; ice cream .. whatever way I can get it!! I had to be extra disciplined !!!!

I played in my playroom, and got a "sample" done of my "get my fingers dirty project" I'm playing with .. I'm not quite sure .. this is something I haven't done for about 20 years ... and well .. it's REALLY digging in the archives of my brain and talents for plans ... It's working .. but it's a challenge .. lol lol lol .. but a challenge is good.. keeps the mind active, and to tell you the honest to goodness truth, I feel blessed that I have so many "talents" that I can turn to .. so nothing really gets "boring" .. (unless I just don't know WHAT to do .. lol .. but I usually have that problem, when I have something that I'm working on in my head, and well .. too afraid to start working on it in real life .. lol)

So .. while the panic side of my brain was screaming and running in circles (nervous about the meeting as well ... get nervous when they talk language I don't get .. but hubby does .. so he's my damper .. lol) I made myself 3 scrambled eggs, with mushrooms for breakfast, and a container of greek yogurt ... and that sufficed .. I got my sweet with the yogurt, and the substantial with the eggs .. That was my first YAY of the day .. because hubby was pulling out cereal .. and well ..sugar cereal on an empty stomach, I would have been diving into the glucose tablets so much sooner .. lol .. but it worked .. I made it through the morning, and through the meeting ..

Hubby said I did so good during the meeting (holding my panic back), that he treated me to a Cousin's sub (of course with a coupon) .. We picked one up on the way home .. I had my normal turkey sub .. and I had potato chips at home .. I finished my sandwich and chips and didn't go back to the chips .. (second YAY of the day) ... oooooo NSV's are sooooo great !!!!! to help you make it though difficult times ..

I went upstairs and worked on my "get my fingers dirty" project .. and when I needed a break, I went in the bedroom where I have my puzzle set up .. and played with that .. I had put my puzzle on a time out for a few days .. and it decided to play nice with me yesterday !!! lol lol .. I worked on my laundry while I was upstairs anyway .. :)

Later in the afternoon I challenged hubby to a game of Goofy golf, soo I would get some steps in .. and then made up dinner .. We finished up the last of the steak, and onions; hubby made a batch of onion rings; and I cooked up the last of my mushrooms .. (they were on sale, so my assumption was that they were close to expiration .. wanted to finish them up fast .. lol) so it was a steak; mushroom, and onion ring dinner for me .. I wasn't worried, because it was all solid food, and stayed away from sweets .. :) By the time I finished, I was done with food ..

In other words ..


After dinner, we played normal golf, and I WON !!!!

I "cashed out" my steps and was surprised by my result .. I made it over 10,000 yesterday ... :) Don't know how, but I will take it !!!! lol

I didn't sleep well .. but I think it's more of being overtired .. I need to bring my system back into sync .. so it may take a few days ... (er .. nights) ..

Today since it's a icky snowy day, I'll probably finish my laundry, and play in my "dirty fingers" playroom project, and have a quiet day ... Thankfully this snow is supposed to be done by tomorrow morning, because tomorrow evening I was invited to a puppy club banquet .. It will be nice to see some of the people again !!!!

I want to hard cook a few eggs today so I have some quick grab protien ...

Next week I have a lot of errands to do one day .. thinking Monday .. I have to take one of my pair of glasses back .. the right lens has zero correction, and I wore it the day we went with mom, and I felt like I was wearing a patch over my right eye .. I couldn't see anything with my right eye .. The purple pair seem fine .. I wore those yesterday to make sure .. I agree with a little bit of "adjustment" stage with new glasses, but the red pair is going over the deep edge .. so I'm taking them back to be fixed .. and I have my brother's fruit cake that hubby picked up on Wednesday .. I want to drop that off .. (sending it, would be a challenge since it would probably cost more than the fruitcake ..lol lol ) and I have to get some information from Bill if he's home; to set him up as one of our beneficiaries on my plan .. hubby's brother will be the other one .. (I have up to 3 on the sheet ), and stop and use my "bonus bucks" at my supplement store ..

So that's my errands planned for next week so far .. :)

This will be my first weekend .. my weekend's I lower my guard .. ... ... I just have to remember not to lower it too much .. because I'm proud to announce that the weight that I gained last week Friday weighin ... Even with eating 3 bigger meals .. I lost it again this week !!! WOOHOO MEEEE !!!!!

I AM FULL OF N.S.V'S TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Okay -- I'll finish up .. I know I know .. "you blabbled enough" ... I think I'm getting this !!! WOOHOO MEEE !!!!!

Have a wonderful day !!!! I'm going to !!!!!!

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    24 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    YES! Being tired definitely hikes up the desire for the simple carbs. That’s because the hormones (ghrelin) the I’m hungry hormone is overproduced and leptin (the I’m full hormone) is under produced. Hard!

    Glad your meeting went well w/the financial advisor. PHEW. That is nerve wracking.

    And Sally got to play in her playroom! Wahoo.

    AND the NSV’s. Good for you!

    Good you have your beneficiaries settled. That was a toughie for us. But got thru it.

    25 days ago
    congrats on weight loss you amaze me with all your projectx ideas and so crafty. my sister was so crafty she could make or do anything and it looke professional. I did not get that gene so treadmill all ready Hate it but I did it another 30 min later then weights crunches and pushups emoticon not good at that either
    tomorrow lots of steps goddaughters love to shop its Marys belated birthday she is now 54 the same age as my oldest who will be 54 next month
    they dont drive but they know ow to get us to their favorite store.Hubby and I worked 9 hours on ceiling tile he was so upset nothing went right and i tired to show encouragement.we have twisted our bodies in so many different directions on ladders and me holding on to the tile with a long board with two hands and my head emoticon
    25 days ago
    Good job!
    25 days ago
    25 days ago
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