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Having My Mammogram Today

Friday, February 07, 2020

Early today at that. I like to get it over with. Then I"ll do a tiny bit of grocery shopping and go to a meeting and then home again home again jiggity jig

I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't find them painful - not sure if it's because our technician at the hospital is so skilled of if it is just how my body is shaped but I would have one every year anyway. Especially as so many women I know have been struck down with breast cancer - especially recently. A young cousin in her 30's, two friends my own age, another friend much closer to my mother's age. All just this year! Cancer does not discriminate. I don't intend to give it any opportunities to take advantage of my laxity.

I don't like surprises so I always take a peek at the images before I leave. So far I have seen no changes, no hints, no little white flecks or blobs. I will peek again today. And I'll say a little prayer for all women - that this scourge goes the way of polio and small pox.
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    Good for you!
    254 days ago
    oh my, Bess, I''m just catching up... hope your test went well! emoticon
    263 days ago
    Mine are painful, but I have had one yearly since I was 30. Mom had breast cancer twice and her sister died of it. It's not something I would ever neglect. Thanks for putting this reminder out there!
    264 days ago
    Fibrocystic disease has kept me ever vigilant. A few suspect calcifications are now permanently marked. I’m a believer in early detection. This fall a young woman ( in her mid 30s) on my hubs’ team, had a double mastectomy. She has the gene, her Mom and aunts died of breast cancer. It’s been powerful to watch her journey. We need a cure, it honestly is scourge.
    264 days ago
  • MAREE1953
    Good points! And thankful for improved technology!
    265 days ago
    I too schedule most everything for as early as possible. Last month I had a colonoscopy at 7 am and my mammogram at 8. Same hospital, same day, different week.
    Hope your day goes well.
    265 days ago
    Now that they have a new machine and put that little layer of foam on the bottom I no longer go home with bruises. I, too, schedule them early in the morning - like I try to do everything because many days I start on a project and do not hear my phone go off to tell me I have an appointment! I hope your day was fabulous!
    265 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    I find them very tight but not painful. I certainly don’t like that feeling and tell myself it would not be a good moment to fidget!

    Good for you for getting it done!

    265 days ago
    Breast cancer survivor, and it was discovered in a mammo: for which I'm really grateful. I have had a couple recurrence scares but so far so good.
    265 days ago
    Thankfully, I do not find mammograms painful either. Don't remember exactly how old I was ... 22 years old? ... when I had my first mammogram. Have had so many 'abnormal' mammograms that quite frankly, I've lost track. Good news is ... no breast cancer. Other cancers? Yes. Breast cancer? No.

    Good for you for staying on top of it and getting those mammograms done.
    265 days ago
    Had my first at age 28! Continued almost every year since my mid 30's.
    Lucky me I had fibrocystic breast disease, no cancer.
    265 days ago
    Yep, I go every year too. The techs where I go are terrific; only a little discomfort from the machine edges, not the squishing itself.
    265 days ago
    Good job for taking the initiative, Bess!! I'm due for my mammogram this summer.
    265 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I too have regular mammograms. Yes, I agree there is way too much so close to home now. Our hospital has a new machine which is much more comfortable than the previous model.
    This is just part of making sure we keep our bodies in good health.
    Having my fingers crossed for you and saying a prayer....
    265 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    In the 30+ years I have my annual mammogram, I have had two that were totally painless and I was sad that the technician who performed those moved away.
    265 days ago

    265 days ago
    Good for you keeping up w/the yearly mammos. I do too – Mom had breast cancer (though that’s not what took her from this earthly existence) and 2 of her sisters. NOT a good gene pool. Alzheimer’s is the same in the family – Mom and her 2 sisters had it – and all succumbed to it. Anyhow, whatever we can do to stay healthy is worthwhile. Digital mammos are much more comfortable as they take less time with the ‘squishing’ part, and are actually more accurate. Glad my hospital does have that.

    HUGS and prayers.

    265 days ago
    Definitely not a favored activity and, until my most recent one, I found them extremely painful (different facility; different tech may be the reason). No matter, painful or not, I go every year. I also know way too many women who have been touched by this awful disease!
    266 days ago
    I have had several and they were not at all painful for me either! Our breast cancer screening center said that most people don't find them painful. I hope that you have an awesome day!
    266 days ago
    Mammogram machines these days don't require that ultra mashing they used to. I still hate them, but they do save lives.
    266 days ago
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