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It's been a little bit...here are some updates & pics of new merch in the gallery!

Friday, February 07, 2020

Hello, my dear sparkies!

These days seem to be flying by but then also I feel suspended in time.

I came home last night to find my A/C out...UGH! Now I know many of you are saying...what the heck...A/C...are you nuts!

In Florida, you really need A/C almost all year. Even when the weather cools off it doesn't stay that way long at all. Then the pesky thermometer inches back up and the humidity hits the roof.

If there is anything you really can't survive in FL without...it's the air conditioner. At least this far south that is the case. We are considered sub-tropical down this way.

The A/C people came today and put in more freon, then they have to come back Monday and check the line because they think it has a leak. CRAP...this A/C has been nothing but a pain in my patootie...every time I turn around something else is wrong with it. Beyond being crazy expensive its got me paranoid about how long before something ELSE goes wrong. At $10,000 to replace it for a new one is out of the question...soooo...I keep putting band aides on it.

I'm busy planning a little get together Monday evening for some of the members of my grief group. The occasion is to use the fire pit that Don and I purchased last year but never got to use. I know I'd never fire it up all by myself and I didn't want yet another year to roll by without using it so I decided to invite some friends so we can all enjoy it.

I think I'll end up with about 14-16 people coming. I'm going to make up a big Charcuterie Board of cured meats, cheeses, and fresh and dried fruits. We will have wine and beer of course and sparkling drinks. One friend is bringing a salad and another dessert. Someone has volunteered to bring ice and a cooler.

I think it will be a fitting occasion to fire up our fire pit and Don will be looking down with happiness that his wife is going to enjoy it with newfound friends.

It was a very sad happenstance that led me to meet these wonderful open-hearted people but I'm just so grateful that they are in my world.

One of them is helping guide me in dealing with the customers from h*ll and I'm so thankful for the input and expertise. Business problems are something I would NEVER bring up with our old group of friends because they just couldn't possibly relate so why even go into it?

When we were at our grief group a few weeks back the leader asked how we were dealing with our lives at the moment and I just blurted out how stressed I was...and still am.... about a particular set of customers that were making my life awful with their insane and completely unreasonable demands. It's a long story and not a good one so I'll spare you the details but it has kept me up at night wondering how some people seem to delight in making other people's life hell...even the whole time knowing that I am in deep grief over the loss of my sweet husband. It makes NO difference to them whatsoever...but then people without souls don't have much to offer in the compassion category.

So one of the gentlemen in the group offered 3 or 4 times to help me deal with them. He has had a long and varied history in the corporate world and had a retail store for many years so he knows exactly what I'm facing.

I'm extremely grateful for his support and hope it helps keep me strong to stand up to these awful people.

I always say God puts angels in your path when you most need them. This group of friends are so supportive. We all lean on each other and have become very close in the process.

I'll try to remember to take a few pics of the gathering to share with you.

Now I have to put my energy into cleaning this big ole' house and getting my shopping list together for all of the goodies we will share together. I love to entertain and I know this gathering will be so appreciated as I know that all of these friends face many lonely nights without their loved one.

If I've learned one thing about losing my dear husband and beautiful son I've learned that not one single person on this planet can stand alone without the support and love of our fellow man. It's been quite a humbling experience I have to tell you.

I've been kickin' it on our Teddy Bear Winter challenge...lots of exercise and really keeping my carbs low has been very productive!

At least I'm doing something right...what a relief! emoticon

I have gotten some lovely new merch into the gallery. I hope it sells quickly. I'm up to about 80-100 people per day but sales are pretty dismal even with that amount of foot traffic.

These little accent chairs are brand new! The owner ordered them then discovered they are too large for her space...so off to consignment and back to the store...must be nice eh?

4 high-end counter height barstools...these are SOLID...wood and metal and so good looking!

This great Broyhill entertainment console came in...this will not last long!

This high-end Pearson loveseat just arrived. It is soooo comfy and is in excellent condition.

Cute little 2 shelf console

There are more my friends but I'm pooped...so this is it for now. Have a wonderful evening! emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great group! Support is key when you've lost your other half.
    226 days ago
    Bobbi, I'm so glad to hear you've found someone to help and support you in dealing with awful customers! It's so hard to face problems alone especially when they involve human relations. I have a lot of trouble understanding machines, but I'd much rather have technical than human-relations problems.

    And wow--what lovely stuff you've gotten in recently! Those solid wood bar stools look pretty expensive!
    250 days ago
    Ugh, you are absolutely right about AC being a necessity in Florida. Without it, not only would we be hot, but also drowning in humidity. I hate having it on in the spring when the temp is actually pleasant, but my allergies can't handle the oak tree pollen, so the AC stays on then too. Your group is indeed a blessing, and we do need whatever support we find. Yesterday I went to a tea at a friend's church and to the Depression Glass show afterward. My mom and I went to both every year, and it was rough going without her. I was grateful for the friend who went with me; that made it a little easier but not much.
    253 days ago
    So sorry to hear about your A/C. I hope that the Freon leak is found, fixed and keeps you cool without having to fork out many $$$$ for a new one.

    So sorry that you have to deal such difficult people but at least you do have support.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your evening of entertainment.

    Praying for you as always!
    253 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Bobbi do sorry to hear you are having problems with the air conditioning again. It is such a big ticket item to have to replace.
    Have fun with your group tomorrow. Friends are so importsnt.

    WTG on the 5% challenge!
    254 days ago
    Bobbi when I read about the AC I thought to myself not again!!! You need to start keeping track how much the band aids are costing each time, & if this AC continues to break down you will have just as much in as a new one !!
    You also need to consider real hard having the gentleman help you with those demanding customers, take it up with him you will no doubt afterwards ask yourself why you waited so long. He maybe able to help those sleepless nights of tossing & turning over the brutes.
    Yes you are so right no man is an island unto themselves.We all at times need someone the group of people are hurting just as bad & as you all reach out to one another a little piece of your hearts starts to heal for a bit, It maybe a fleeting moment ,but soak it up while it is being passed to you. Have a lovley Sunday & a good up & coming week hugs ( Judy )
    254 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I love all of it: the first chairs I would buy in a heartbeat.. I know they are not Spectator style, but when I see that monochrome combo, I think of spectator pumps. I love them.

    That Broyhill console would make an EXCELLENT baby dresser/changing table as a "Grandparent Gift".
    The last console would be wonderful as a "holiday" table for each season, to put decorations on either in a large foyer` or a living area.

    Beautiful pieces!

    I am glad you are accepting suggestions from your group member. It could be a quid pro quo if he needs help with healthy recipes for pets or people.. You sure have them!
    255 days ago
    I love the furniture and hope they all find homes really quickly. I imagine living without A/C in Florida would be like living without Heat in Minnesota. Not a good time. I'm glad the A/C guys were able to come out and get it going for you for the weekend and I hope there's nothing too much wrong with it. I know you've been dealing with this for a long time off and on.

    Having such supportive friends over to enjoy your beautiful lanai with a fire going in the fire pit that dear Don made for you sounds just perfect! Wish I could be there.
    255 days ago
    love that you are getting the support you need and i love that you are having a patio party the menu sounds lovely Hugs
    255 days ago
    A patio party sounds so refreshing, absolutely a no no here. was only 9 degrees when I went out and did chores, but at least there no wind, so was sort of nice out there, but I see now the there is water dripping off our black steel roof so it must be warming up a bit, and it also means that so down stouts are full of ice. Oh well, it will elt one of these days.
    255 days ago
    Bobbi,, I am so happy that you will be hosting your support group for a entertaining evening around your fire pit. I agree that a social network is so important, particularly for those of us who live alone. Friends are a valuable resource; none of us are meant to live in solitude. And I am glad you have help for your difficult customers.
    255 days ago
    255 days ago
  • LORI-K
    I wish I lived close by, I would love to visit your gallery. Very nice items.
    I am sorry you are dealing with some difficult customers, and hopefully your new friend has some good strategies. Your group sounds very supportive.
    255 days ago
    Your blog is uplifting! I am sorry for your losses, but I am happy that you have found such a supportive group. My sister is just recently and suddenly widowed at 66. You help lighten my heart for her. She remains positive in her mourning process. Life is for the living and I believe sharing the fire pit experience with people who care is uplifting. Enjoy hosting your social event.

    Don’t know your business/customer situation...just work on not taking it personally. It’s just business. Separate your emotional/personal self and move forward with your business sense. Wishing you quick resolve.

    Congrats on choosing healthy choices, food and otherwise!
    255 days ago
    Thanks for the update Bobbie, nothing worse than a place full of sweaty people. I remember ours went out once on a Saturday with a house full in the middle of summer. I was encouraged by the number of traffic through your store, that's good. I'm from a very small town and except for our 2 great restaurants lucky if our few remaining stores have any traffic at all. Good luck on your party and planning, I know it will go well. My prayers continue! Skeeter
    255 days ago
    Great that you have a support group and friends that are willing to help. The new items are wonderful. Enjoy the entertaining and keep it going! emoticon
    255 days ago
    glad you are getting the support you need. those pieces are lovely
    255 days ago
    Thanks for the catch up ..
    huge prayers for your air conditioner too .. yes I do remember your previous blogs regarding said necessary unit .. humidity would finish me .. I really don't care for the high moisture combined with the high temps .. I would much rather have hot and dry .. right now its bloody freezing and dry .. ha ha .. ( no germs though .. )

    the fire pit gathering sounds like an awesome way to liven up your home and deck areas .. it sounds like an awesome time ... a group brought together by heartache .. each finding glimmers of hope and light while sharing their pain and loss ..
    I'm thankful that you have some moral support as well in dealing with these customers from H .. you are so correct no spirit and soul equals no compassion, care or concern for anyone but themselves ..

    congrats with your self care .. being well physically certainly helps us stay clear and focused in other areas .. even when our hearts are still broken ..

    please do take some pictures of your get together ..

    when I come visit I have to bring a trailer to haul back the wonderful finds I purchase from you gallery .. totally in love with the wooden bar stools .. wow .. you are very talented my friend ..

    be well .. find joy and peace everywhere ... xo

    255 days ago
    All lovely pieces and would look super in my living room.
    Take care and lean on those who offer their support.
    255 days ago
    the group sounds wonderful. you can never has too many friends, but some are more special than others.
    256 days ago
    My a/c has the same condition with a leak and need for Freon refill each year. You are doing great, Bobbi, and I know your group will have fun on Monday. You're the hostess with the mostess. (smiling)
    256 days ago
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