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Feb 8th~Nice Day

Saturday, February 08, 2020

The sun came out and there was a warm wind thru the day. Snow is about half the depth it was early this AM. All the birds were let out to exercised and enjoy a pleasant day before the next storm rolls around, forecast for tomorrow!
The snowman adventure did not turn out! I would ask each of you if you thought you could roll a snowman up with a 70 lb black bundle of "what ya doing" sticking its nose into every move. There was nothing to do when the balls of snow broke up but to make snowballs of them and keep Molly busy chasing them. She is now sleeping soundly after her day of fun!
The Littles are not nearly as happy with the snow as Molly is. Chewy, Pomeranian, is the tiniest of the crew and the most "hot stuff" of the entire pack! The snow is up to if not deeper than his tummy, when I called them in he was coming thru the snow looking like on of those horses that lifts their front hooves in a fancy prance movement. I honestly wish I had another pair of hands to shoot videos of these clowns! I know they say a good photographer is ready at all times..guess I do not qualify!!
A run to town today to get Tammy's cell phone corrected. Seems she did something to it that cause it to go into "accessability" mode ,,so the verbal assistant was active..there were lines and bright stuff and etc,,etc. We got to the phone place, he looked said ..oh yeah..did a couple of clicks and handed it back saying "there ya go". NO ,,,no ...tell me what happened and how to fix it! He did explain what happened then told me that it was very technical and best to just bring the phone in..mmmm translated to ..lil ole lady can't be smart enough to know how to fix. Or , possibly ..job insurance, if he shows me how to fix then I don't have to come in and he can't log "customer assistance" for the days work. Either way..I will google it and teach me how as I have faith in Tammy's ability to mess up the phone again..hee hee!
Now gonna read a bit..listen to the winds blow..Hey how about that MOON tonight..awesome!!
Nite ya'al ..have a beautiful Sunday.
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