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I did like the new doctor... but

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Had a lot of issues with sleeping last night.. At three when hubby gets up, I got his lunch and coffee. got dressed, brought the dog downstairs (since his surgery in Nov. he really is more fearful of the steps. I put his leash on and guide him down one at a time and at night time, hubby carries him upstairs)

I got comfy in the recliner with the laptop figuring like other mornings I would be able to take a nap, but I was also afraid of oversleeping.

I tried hard and just could not do it. Got up took the dog for a quick walk and then headed out to the medical center.

It was my first time there. Nice building and close to the main roads in the shopping area

I had a 9 am appt and got there a bit early.

Her nurse came out soon and took me aback. We did the weigh in, height check and then went into the examing room. So much stuff to go over, but it is ok. Starting to relax

Then the doctor came in I figured she would be young, but she looked as old as my youngest. Her speciality is Internal Medicine for seniors.

So we went over all the things again which was fine. They referred to the first meeting as the get to know you meeting

So after talking, she admitted she was not sure about treating Epstein Barre (the good old virus which causes mono). So she wanted to refer me to the Infectious Disaease Doctors and for my parathryoid gland she is referring me to an Endrocrinologist.

She had lots of labs drawn.. set up referrals.. and come back next month

I could tell she was not a fan of holistic medicine which is what my PCP's have been treating me with, plus some prescribed meds.

I then ran some errands and wanted something to eat since I had been fasting at this point for over 14 hours.

I stopped by my PCP's office to drop something off to one of the nurses and talked to my womens health doctor. Told her what happened and asked her thought about an endro. As I expected and have heard for years now... there is not one good one in this area. There are several but they all believe that for them it is either diabetes or fertility for their specialities Nothing else seemed to interest them

So now I wait for the labs to come through and see what happens next.

I do like the new doctor which is good as one day I most likely will need someone who has hospital priviledges just in case
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